How to know if it is fear of commitment or lack of love? 7 differences

Do you want to know if your partner’s love is real? 

The fear of commitment is something very common in these times. 

It is one thing to be afraid to commit to a person, for fear of getting hurt, for example, and quite another to not reciprocate the other’s love and be unable to express it honestly. 

The ability to meet new people with the swipe of a finger has deepened a false sense that we could always be missing out on something better. 

How can you know if it’s really worth trying with your partner? Or is it better to move on?

Here I will tell you the 8 differences between the fear of commitment and the lack of love

1) Fear of commitment is an attitude that lives in the head, love is felt in the heart 

The truth is that the fear of commitment has nothing to do with an inability to love. 

Your boyfriend could love you, but still panic in his head at the thought of losing his freedom. He may have an unconscious fear of being rejected or even low self-esteem.