How to seduce a man and create a real relationship

DO YOU BELIEVE THAT HE IS LOVE OF ME? Véronique asks Sylvie….

You feel that you are living a real relationship and you want to seduce the man you love above all !!!

How can you be sure that he loves you and that he is truly in love with you? What are the tricks that will for sure ou make irresistible?

The fact of dating a man for a few months, does not guarantee that your relationship is a lasting relationship …

It is a fact that he is good with you. You appreciate your exchanges which are always very pleasant, he is charming and full of attentions …. But the real question is to know, how will your relationship evolve?

 What if it didn’t work between us, if he didn’t want me in a while? ” 

These legitimate questions make you vulnerable. Holding on to him so much makes you lose all your naturalness …

When you were with men you didn’t like as much, you didn’t have that lack of self-confidence. But with him, everything is really different !!

To be sure that he really falls in love with you, there are tricks that work with most men.

Becoming aware of it, accepting it, and having the will that it works already marks a huge step forward.

All men are certainly different. But they all show common expectations towards the woman with whom they want to share their life !!!

Why do we need to ensure our strong attractiveness?

All women, even the surest of them, have moments of doubt. Also, when they are in love, the question they have about their power of seduction and attraction becomes more and more present …

If you want to optimize the chances of seeing your new relationship evolve towards positive, have a lasting commitment, involvement, a strong desire like marriage, or the fact of settling together, it will be necessary to be vigilant on certain aspects of your relationship.

So you have to put all the cards on your side and make sure that your man can no longer do without you

As he can say, she is the woman of my life, the mother of my children, I know that this person is the right one. And that in turn, it is only a desire, that of delighting you, and filling you up.

For this, here are the 11 essential points for your companion to want to give you everything, much more than just romantic dinners or exchanges that do not move you forward in your projects !!

 Here are the 11 essential criteria that will make a man fall in love with a woman:

1. Do not show too much of your affection:

To love does not mean to suffocate the other, and deep love is demonstrated more by actions, than verbal effusions.

Men are not really sensitive to this kind of thing. On the contrary, if you give him words of love all day long, it will get him drunk and make him run away.
So, you have to show him that you care about him, without neglecting the centers of interest you had before knowing him.

He wants to have a woman by his side who is not exclusively turned towards their relationship. It is not contradictory because when one is fulfilled, happy, one releases a strong power of attraction.

2. Know its true value:

When we know what we bring to a man, what are our qualities and it allay our concerns. A man who finds the different qualities he is looking for in a woman will not want to leave her.

We all have different expectations, yet in women, we all look for more or less the same things.

A man who knows how to take care of us, make us happy, understand us, who is attentive, meets our expectations, etc…
And for a man, the same goes….

If you manage to maintain certain independence, centers of interests apart from your couple, that you take good care of him, know how to please him, etc … You will bring him much more than can bring another woman.
This is how you become different, and give real value to your personality.

3. Stay unique:

You have met him for a few months and everyday life is set up . You spend many weekends together and sometimes, you no longer feel the interest in dolling up as in the beginning of your relationship.

It’s a twist, your man will be sensitive to the fact that you make efforts to please him, that you remain flirtatious.

It will be a strong sign of your attachment to him. Not to mention the fact that this kind of action is an engine for your couple, a positive dynamic.

4. Keep your true personality:

When we are in love, we would like to stick as closely as possible to the expectations of the loved one. We imagine that he would like us more like this and less like that….

However, it is our individuality, our personality that makes us so charming. With our qualities and our faults.

Do not betray yourself, even in love is essential. On the one hand, the person we love has been attracted to our deep identity. In addition, it is so much more comfortable to evolve in the relationship by being natural,  that one should not disown.

If the man with whom you are does not love you for what you are, that he wishes to change you, well this relationship is not worth living …

Do you honestly think it is true love?

5. Support him:

Your dear and dear will appreciate that you support them in these projects or in their desires. It is not a question of being hypocritical, but simply of wanting to encourage him, to give him the necessary confidence in everything he wishes to undertake.

Even if he is not fooled, he will appreciate that you have made the effort to motivate him and to be by his side.

6. Don’t disturb him:

On the pretext that we want to hear him, we will call him at work or when he finds himself with his friends.

Don’t be too urgent . Give him space so that he can appreciate the moments spent by your side.

It is not because you are going to be more present that it will increase his love for you.

7. Know how to appreciate his efforts:

A man who makes the effort to dig his head to give you a gift, or to bring you to a show, expects from you that you are somehow indebted to him. Although it doesn’t necessarily materialize into action, he will want you to be truly grateful to him.

Play the game, be willing to really show your joy, when he makes all these efforts….

This will only strengthen your relationship …

8. Be her best friend:

Have an open communication, devoid of innuendo. Just being able to share moments of joy and doubt.

The couple is not only about sleeping with each other, everyday life, and going out. It is also the fact of being able to rely on a person with whom we can exchange our reflections, our questions, and by this fact, being able to move forward together.

9. Treat him as the most important person in your life:

He comes home from work, you are with your best friend on the phone and keep your conversation short. Your dear and tender must have the feeling that he is the most important person in your life.

Even if, yes indeed, he is one of the most important people, when you are with him give him the scoop.

He will be grateful to you.  And above all, in turn, will return the device to you….

One certainty is that when you want to see positive reactions from people you love, you must already apply them to yourself !!!

10. Know how to listen to your expectations:

Living together is love and effort. For this to work, one must know the expectations of the other and not walk blindly.

So it’s a good idea to know exactly what your companion wants from you. It is not necessarily actions that are disproportionate….

For example, he will like to leave his mail lying around on the entryway furniture, or will love watching TV late at night, or going out with friends from time to time, or will like you to cook him a nice little dish etc …

11. Know your life plans well:

When you first met, you were like in a little cloud and everything that was going on between you was always great.

In the beginnings of an idyll, we embellish everything. Yet the real needs are always clearly explained from the start. However, we hide them or we don’t really pay attention to them….

It’s a twist because afterwards, they come back to us “in the face”. You have to focus on your spouse’s life plans. The more you both are in symbiosis, the more chances you will have of lasting your relationship.

When two beings love each other, what will “fish” over time are the differences concerning our visions of life.

So be alert to this. Imagine he wants 10 children and you only 1, this will be a problem at one time or another.

And it is not a question of erasing yourself, because, in the long term, it is you who would be penalized  !!!

But knowing what you want and what he wants is essential !!

A solid and lasting union….

A solid and lasting union, it is a couple who knows the expectations of the two protagonists, who learns to respect them to make live the true personality of each. It is the alchemy between two beings, who are ready to engage in the relationship at the cost of certain efforts.

It is the latter will be rewarded by the strengthening of the couple, the fulfillment, and the pledge of a solid relationship, as well as a long-term vision !!!