The 6 habits that make men flee

Some women do not realize how their habits can scare men away and repel them !!!<>

These attitudes which are real “kill love” . They prevent them from being attractive, desirable, and attractive and at the same time happy. These habits slip into their behavior, without them really realizing it, and tarnish their romantic landscape.<>

Only a good understanding of these bad habits can prevent some from ruining their love story and feeling misunderstood. The flourishing of a relationship does not depend on itself, but on what we will bring to it.<>

The main goal is to enrich it and make it grow.<>

I remember that as a little girl, I used to go to my grandmother’s house regularly. I was in total admiration in front of her neighbor … A very pretty woman, Rebecca, barely forties, always very neat, elegant, fragrant (smells are often very present in our memories when we are small …)<>

It was in my opinion, one of the most beautiful women I knew in my little existence … However, when I heard my grandmother and she speak, it was often her heart stories that came up in the discussion.<>

She was always very sad and unhappy …<>

How could such a beautiful woman fail to flourish, find love, and make relationships last. In short, with hindsight, I think I confirm that she had one of the worst attitudes that one can have with men, she was always “too much in demand”.<>

This is one of the 7 habits specific to women, which are unattractive and which repel men. Let’s look in detail, all those who come to confirm the deal:<>

Here are the 7 most common habits that make men flee:

1- Always be in demand:<>

Some women, once they feel engaged in the relationship, will have very pressing attitudes towards their partner. This results in incessant, almost suffocating demands.<>

  • Send SMS or emails regularly;<>
  • The assail of “I love you”, “I miss you” etc …<>
  • The “Flicker” constantly, to know where he is, what he does, with whom he is …<>
  • Make whims, be demanding, sulk, shout.<>
  • To be in perpetual expectation to hear it, to see it, to begin to live.<>

This kind of “creepy” attitude, shows, in fact, the little self-confidence that we have. Even if you are aware of it and try to hide it, it is felt and it is repulsive. He will feel this desperate energy and will not want to share these moments with you ^^<>

2- Having a neglected appearance:<>

Although a relationship cannot work solely on the basis of our physical appearance, our appearance plays a significant role in the relationship.<>

If you are neglected, that you have put on weight, that you let go, you are not going to release anything positive. The image you have of yourself will not put you in attractive energy. Focus on being clean, neat, healthy …<>

I’m not talking about wanting to compete with Jennifer Lopez, and putting pressure on yourself, there is a happy medium…<>

But when we observe certain women who, after several years of married life, have completely given up, that leaves you pensive.<>

How can we want to be appreciated if we don’t even have more respect for our appearance?<>

3- Improper communication.<>

  • No longer knowing how to communicate well in a couple, speaking for saying nothing, for example, or being a “talking mill” scares men away. This gets them drunk and they become unresponsive when you have really interesting things to say to them.<>
  • Speak to manipulate them, in order to obtain something specific, cause jealousy, worry them, hoping to put them in a vulnerable position, etc …<>
  • Talking during or after love, about things that have nothing to do … Nothing like to break the mood and show your partner the little interest you have in him.<>
  • Not to listen to them quite simply, nothing is more frustrating for a man, to realize that his partner is completely disinterested in what he may have told him. The fact of really listening to the other is a very powerful action, which shows him that you are totally devoted to him, I let you understand the opposite direction …<>

4- Having a feeling of permanent insecurity:<>

Tell me if you find me pretty, do you love me, am I fat, etc … This feeling of insecurity is a bottomless pit, which will be hard to be filled by your partner. This corresponds to a kind of emotional dependence. Even if he is madly in love with you, this aspect of your personality will exhaust the relationship and at the same time will push the poor unhappy man into despair. Ultimately, it will eventually turn away from you.<>

Know that we all have moments of doubt, but when they are excessive, they also become harmful to our balance.<>

5 – Be hardened:<>

Not knowing how to recognize when another woman is pretty, having easy criticism, living in resentment, being anything but light, will not help make us magnetic, quite the contrary. This anger can only harm us and not leave us the possibility of being happy.<>

Sometimes life spares us, and it is true that only harmful feelings come back to assail us. But it must be understood that before anything else, we harm ourselves. By understanding it we avoid the worst. And we can channel this energy for the simple purpose of serving us, rather than overwhelming us even more !!<>

6 – Being tasteless:<>

You always agree with what he said, you will never contradict the fear of upset, you drink his words ..<>

Admit that all this does not breathe fantasy !!<>

To be delighted, a man needs to be surprised, pushed, motivated, to find a respondent when he speaks to us !!<>

It is up to us to understand that a working couple is a sharing, a den that emulsifies personalities and not a single path guided by a single voice !!<>

These habits can be more or less accentuated in some

Also, I think we all have more or less these shortcomings that can harm the relationship. But first of all to our personal development.<>

Let us not forget, to succeed in a relationship it is above all what we will bring to it which will be the energy, the fuel so that our couple lasts. Our partner is not there either to help us to solve faults, shortcomings which are clean for us.<>

No longer be afraid of being yourself, understand it and know what we want regarding the development of our love life <>

To be attractive is to become magnetic, to release something, both from the outside and from the inside. Our soul is deeply connected with the rest of our personality.<>

It is by understanding it in its entirety, that we will appreciate feeling attractive, attractive in the eyes of men, but above all for ourselves.<>

Each story is different and sometimes it only takes personalized help to take it to the next level and find the solution to our problems with women !!