How to show a guy that you like him? 6 tips!

How to show a guy you like him effectively and without giving yourself away, see the tips below…

  • Eye contact and body language

How you look at a man and what do you do with his body can say so much more than words ever could. It’s important that you give him plenty of eye contact when you’re talking to him and wait a second or two longer than you would with anyone else. Lean your body into him as you talk, showing that you aren’t afraid to be around him. If he is also interested in you, you should find that he will subconsciously begin to mimic your body language. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to step it up a notch. As you talk, don’t be afraid to touch him every now and then, in a feminine and subtle way of course! Touching his arm as you laugh at his jokes or a warm hug as you say hello and goodbye should be a big hint. As we talk about his jokes,

  • Smiling goes a long way

It’s important that you smile when you talk to him, your smile will be contagious and he will probably take it as a sign that you like him. Make sure the smile isn’t creepy, or cute, but genuine is the key. You’ll find that when you smile around them more, you’ll naturally have more fun together, which will help take things to the next level.

  • Let Him Know You Are Available

Some men are downright ignorant and assume all beautiful women are taken so they don’t make the changes right away. Make sure he knows you’re single, in a way that doesn’t sound like you’re begging for a date. An innocent comment when you’re chatting, like “Me and the girls are going out for the weekend, it’s been like that for a while since I’ve been single.” If he’s interested in you, that should make a lightbulb go off in his head and help him act more flirty toward you.

  • Ask him questions

A lot of girls like to talk (and talking is good too, don’t get me wrong), but it’s also important that you ask them questions. It shows that you are interested in the things he likes, which means you like him as a person. This is a great way to show a guy that you like him and lay the groundwork for more dates and possibly even a relationship in the future.

  • Tease him

It might feel like you’re back in school, but teasing is a way to flirt with each other and it’s a fun thing to do, during the early stages. A man who can laugh at himself is amazing, but remember, if you can understand it, you have to be willing to accept it too. Guys love women who are funny and laid back, so laughing and joking with each other ensures that you are on the same level.

  • Give him your number, but don’t be too available.

Men love the chase, so while you might want to give him your number – don’t make a date yet. When you’re done chatting, try picking up his phone and entering your number, winking, and then walking away. That’s really sassy and he’ll love the confidence you’ve shown. As long as you’ve done the other steps correctly, he should soon be making a call/text. Don’t respond too quickly, you want to make him chase you a bit.

It’s very important as a strong, confident woman that you drop subtle hints to guys who are interested. Life is short, and by acting fiercely, you’re sure to get more dates. Dating equals fun times and possibly even love if you meet that special one for you. By trying the aforementioned tips, even the most naive men will know that you like them and will be falling at your feet.