How to trust your girlfriend and let go of your jealousy

Jealousy is not the answer

Jealousy is an emotion that most of us, if not all of us, have felt at times: the moment your brother was born and now you are expected to share everything with him; at the time your friend bought a new bike and you still have a bike with a pedal; The moment he noticed that his girlfriend was chatting with her male co-worker, while he was looking at her, making deep eye contact. Ugh! Jealousy seems to happen without warning, and it can be very difficult to control. Sometimes we may not even realize our jealous nature until we are put to the test. And what test will better show our tendencies to jealousy than being in a relationship? During a relationship, especially a new one, there is a very high tendency to get jealous about many things: jealous of his girlfriend and his past, jealous of his girlfriend and best male friend, and maybe even jealous of men’s looks. to your girlfriend. All this is understandable. You are in a new relationship, with a new partner, and you are not sure of their intentions at the moment. However, jealousy is not the answer. In fact, if you have future plans with this new (or family member) girlfriend, and you are constantly overly jealous, then expect those plans and your girlfriend to be on the first flight of your life, because trust doesn’t stand a chance against your authorship. ways and you are likely to push her away. So how do we put aside our jealousy and show our girlfriends that we trust them? Well luckily for all of us, there is more than one way to show that we trust our girlfriends.

Understand your girlfriend

Thanks to social media and the many dating apps at our fingertips, we can better understand a person before we meet them, which makes that terrible first date a little less awkward. Then, if the date goes well, the usual thing is to meet again. This allows you to get to know this potential partner a little more each date, gaining confidence as you go along. This pattern continues until you take the next step and start dating in earnest – this is when that jealous nature that a lot of guys crawl into, and trusting someone gets a lot more difficult. A very common reason for this is because we don’t understand who our girlfriend is and especially where she comes from. Yes, you might know your favorite color, your favorite food, and maybe even a few little secrets. But, How much do you really know about his past? If the answer to that question isn’t much, then it may be time to try to understand your girlfriend a bit more. Understanding your girlfriend can allow confidence to grow and jealousy to fade.

Understand what personality your girlfriend has

There are many personalities that an individual can have and his girlfriend is no different. Her personality may be the cause of some of your jealous feelings. It may even be the thing that holds back your confidence. Don’t allow that. Perhaps, she is a very social person and loves to interact with anyone and everyone. This does not mean that she is sneaking around to get each guy’s fingers when she comes out. Nor does it mean that she wants to. She just enjoys socializing. Maybe your girlfriend has a very strong and intimidating personality and sometimes she just wants to enjoy a moment alone. If that’s the case, don’t panic. She is an independent person and maybe reading a book; most likely you are not doing what your jealous brain might be thinking.

Understand your past

Taking the time to learn about his past can be scary for a guy: How many partners has he had? Have you ever cheated on someone? These questions may sound strange to women, but in a man’s head, they can make a lot of sense. Now, this is not to say that you should throw these questions randomly on the table one good night. But at the same time, don’t worry about asking these questions when the time is right. For example, let’s say you’re walking down the street one day, hand in hand, and suddenly she drops your hand and runs up to a guy you’ve never met in your life. Don’t panic. To talk with her. Ask him who he was, but ask him in a way that shows that you are curious and, most importantly, not jealous. That little conversation will help both of you. It will show her that you trust her and give you peace of mind when you realize she was just a cousin. The more you understand your girlfriend, the less jealousy you will feel and your trust in her will continue to grow stronger.

Trust or jealousy: choose trust

Telling him the truth once will not build trust in your relationship, although it is a great start. Trust is something that builds over time – the more you show confidence, the more your girlfriend will open up to you. On the other hand, if you show your jealous nature, it will do the opposite and dissolve the trust that you have worked hard to build.

Communication builds trust

Communication! Look up this word in a dictionary, and it may very well say “a man’s worst nightmare.” Most men don’t enjoy the idea of ​​communication. We want to bury our feelings until we find a good wall to crush, anything but communication, please. Regardless of this reluctance, we have to communicate if we want to show our girlfriends that we trust them. If you are jealous, tell him. Explain why you are jealous and talk to her about your feelings about the situation that made you jealous. Yes, feelings. You can talk about them and still be a man. The truth is, maybe he was doing something that shouldn’t be happening in a healthy relationship. But what is being jealous and distant going to fix? Any. Talk to her in a respectful way,

Actions say a lot

Communication is a great way to build trust and eliminate jealousy. But it is not always enough. Sometimes you will have to show her that you trust her too. This can be very difficult at times if you are not normally an expressive person. It is a Saturday night, you are participating in Netflix and you are relaxing with your partner and his phone rings. You listen intently from a distance as she nods her head excitedly. She hangs up and explains that all of her friends are going out tonight. What are you doing? You, of course, ask who goes. She goes on and on with a list of names, ending up with one of her old friends from years ago. This is where your mind begins to wander. All you can think of is this guy who will be there. Just breathe. Trust your girlfriend and show her that you don’t mind her going out tonight. He will be surprised (in a good way) that you don’t care, and he will be much happier to be out. He’ll probably text you once he’s there, and it’ll be the best feeling! Any sign of jealous intention will disappear, and confidence will sit at the top of your mind, right where it should be.

Don’t assume the worst

There is so much information that the media shows on the negative side of relationships, mainly regarding cheating and breakups. Every TV show or movie about a relationship seems to involve breakups, cheating, and other betrayals of trust. There is no reason why it is so difficult for us to trust our partner. Google the relationship and see how many sites are positive and trust-building, not many. This information will begin to direct your thoughts towards the worst possible scenarios, and the confidence is as good as missing. We’ve all been there: Oh no, it’s been five minutes and my girlfriend hasn’t responded to my text message! He was late, that must mean he’s cheating on me. These kinds of thoughts can be extremely tiring. Here’s a tip: don’t think that way. Don’t assume the worst! If you always assume the worst, trust becomes that much harder to find.

This is real life, not fiction

There is good news! Your girlfriend is not one of those fictional characters on television. Their relationship is real, and that means they have real feelings for each other. You’re not acting, or at least you shouldn’t be. What does that mean? Simple. It means that you shouldn’t assume that your girlfriend is cheating on you, just because the girl in your favorite movie is. Give your girlfriend the confidence she deserves, don’t assume the worst, and again, breathe and relax. Do this, and not only will you feel better, but your jealous thoughts will disappear and confidence will enter the picture.

You must be willing to trust your girlfriend

An overly jealous partner is one who tends to feel insecure or scared. You are not alone in this regard. Most people have some level of these feelings, some more than others. There are people who have had rough relationships in the past: some have felt the pain of being cheated on; some have felt the pain of being lied to; some have felt things that others may not be able to imagine. This makes it difficult to trust again. No matter what the case is, we all have this jealous tendency who loves to pursue a relationship, and it could eventually destroy it. That is what makes trust so difficult in a relationship. You are entering this new experience with the baggage of your life, and that baggage tells you to build a wall so that you have no chance of hurting yourself. Well, if you build that wall too high, no one will be able to scale it and you may miss someone special. Being ready for a relationship means that you have to be ready to trust, or at least give it a try. Of course, there will be challenges, but with confidence, those challenges will seem less difficult. So when you feel the tension of jealousy rising up your spine, don’t panic. Just breathe and try to open the door in the wall.