Dear men, this is how to treat your woman and win her over

You have to put the effort

Men have been trying to win the hearts of their women from the moment they were able to communicate with them. We’re talking about the early elementary grades here: In third grade, you may have given him your favorite toy, only to be abandoned by a kid who doesn’t wear glasses; In fourth grade, you were older and wiser, so you played great and gave him a sweet Valentine’s card, only to be dumped by a boy who had a hair on his chin. Sometimes you never seem to win! But we don’t give up; We learned, or at least we thought we were learning. The truth is that it is extremely difficult to win the heart of your woman and win her over. Or is that it? Understanding women is not as complex as the world seems to be. We are not talking about a Rubik’s cube; This is a human being and they would like to be treated as such. Now, do you have a different way of expressing your feelings? Absolutely! But that doesn’t mean we should shy away and wonder why he yelled at us for leaving the toilet last week. It simply means that we should strive to understand it better and treat it in the right way. Perhaps, we’ve become so focused on the ‘earning’ part that we forget the part where we have to push ourselves and treat our women like queens. That’s the most important part, and here are some ways to do it. It simply means that we should strive to understand it better and treat it in the right way. Perhaps, we’ve become so focused on the ‘earning’ part that we forget the part where we have to push ourselves and treat our women like queens. That’s the most important part, and here are some ways to do it. It simply means that we should strive to understand it better and treat it in the right way. Perhaps, we’ve become so focused on the ‘earning’ part that we forget the part where we have to push ourselves and treat our women like queens. That’s the most important part, and here are some ways to do it.

Treat her with respect

We respect our bosses at work. We respect family and friends. So why not respect the beautiful queen we have at home? Singer Aretha Franklin said it best: “RESPECT / Find out what it means to me.” If you’ve heard the song, you know that respect was a big problem in its lyrics, and most likely in its life. I am probably not the only woman who feels this way. So treat them all with respect. If your woman is telling you about the excitement or difficulties of her day and you can’t care less, then you are not treating her with respect, and certainly not like a queen. There are many ways to treat a person with respect. Follow them all, and maybe, just maybe, she will give you a gift later in bed.

Treat her like a queen

If you honestly want to win over your wife, then you must look in the mirror and wonder if you are treating her like a queen. If you can’t say for sure yes, then it’s time to start doing it before she walks out the door and finds someone who will treat her right. Treating a woman like a queen can involve many things: showing interest, communicating with her, and doing kind things for her every day. However, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to put it first all the time.

She’s number one: treat her that way

Your woman should be your pride and joy, and she should certainly be the number one person in your life. She should be your everything. She should even be upstairs (men, you may need to sit down for the next few words), your boy time. Yes, it’s true! Please, a moment of silence for the men who are currently crying. Treating your wife as the number one person in your life means that boyhood time may have to take a backseat. That doesn’t mean it has to end, but it does mean it should be secondary. Treat her that way and you’ll be one step closer to conquering her.

Allow her to be the woman she should be

Your wife is an amazing human being. Treat her that way. Too many men may worry that their women will be more successful than they are. That is an easy way to lose a woman. You may have heard of the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Well, with that ridiculously old-fashioned attitude, you’d better understand how to lose your girl in less time. Give your woman the support she needs to follow her dreams, and the rewards in return will be tremendous. Sometimes guys and girls can control, and that only breeds resentment in the future. Nobody wants to be told what to do all the time, and nobody should. To treat your woman like a queen, you may have to let her do her thing from time to time. This does not mean that you should be doing what you want when you want. It simply means that you have to allow him the freedom to pursue his dreams. Better yet, join her! Be her number one supporter and let her grow.

Honesty is the key to a woman’s heart

There is no faster way to win your woman’s heart than, to be honest with her. Well, maybe chocolate-covered strawberries on the bed would help too. But as material things fade away, honesty can build a great, long-lasting relationship. Honesty is easier said than done. There are times when we can lie for no reason! We just effortlessly throw lies. At work, at school, at home, we just keep lying. The more we lie, the easier it becomes. In a relationship, a little white lie can seem so harmless, but if that lie grows, it can destroy a relationship just as quickly as it started. Do not do this. Be honest with your girlfriend. If you made a mistake, or if you are struggling with something, tell him, no matter how big that mistake or struggle is. Why? It’s because she deserves the honest and complete truth, and that’s the way she should be treated.

A woman wants a man who is all in

Men, it’s time to get up and be everything for your woman. This is sadly a rare trait in men these days. But rare can sometimes be good! You can be the man who is in love with his wife. You would be the talk of the town. The girls would be on your wife with questions about how she found such a noble guy. All the time, you can sit back and feel pride. Not for you, but for your wife and the smile she is currently wearing. Women want men who matter to them. They don’t want a guy who’s not sure who he wants to be with. And they especially don’t want a man who treats them like a side girl (which no guy reading this should be doing)! No, they want the opposite: a man 100% on board with his wife. Someone who will support his wife, love his wife, and treat her well all the time.

Pay attention

Treat your wife well by paying attention to her. This is a simple task that some guys forget to do. You don’t have to walk around with a notepad and pencil, taking notes of everything you do. However, you should take the time to notice it, and here are a couple of ways to do it.

listen to her

One way to get their attention is by listening. Before you scoff at that line, think about the effort it takes to listen to someone. Not so much effort at all. You don’t have to say a word. You may not even have to nod. Your wife just wants a friendly ear to speak. In fact, you would be surprised how many women would rather you keep quiet. It will only take you a couple of minutes out of your day, and all you have to do is sit back and listen. Hey, you may even find that it brings you closer to earning it, all because you took the time to treat your woman well.

Be an observer

Another way to pay attention to it is by being an observer. Again, this won’t take hours out of your day, and it’s something you can do at any time. How is this accomplished? Simple: look at her. Take a few seconds to look her up and down. Look at your hair, your clothes, your nails. Observe as much as you can. As you shop, see what she’s picking up and what items make her eyes light up. Not only is this how you should look at your woman, but it is also a way to get gift ideas for the future. Oh, and of course, take a look at her in the bedroom too. As you become more and more intimate, you begin to notice what he likes and what he doesn’t like. Then invite her to some of those moves that you noticed she enjoyed. Who knew treating your woman the right way could be so nice!

Actions speak louder than words

Treat your woman well by listening to her, showing her respect, paying attention to her, but don’t forget to show her actions as well. Actions really speak louder than words, and here are some tangible, physical actions to treat your woman.

Flirt with her

Flirting should always have a place in a relationship. Once the flirting stops, it becomes difficult to maintain the relationship. In early relationships, flirting comes early and often. From lifting her to twirling her hair around your finger, it’s natural and easy. However, the flirting may go away as your relationship progresses. Be the one to keep flirting a big part of your relationship. Text him, buy him a meaningful gift, kiss him right before bed. There are many ways to flirt, and coming from your man, you will probably enjoy them all.