10 sneaky ways to get a guy to ask you out

What should you do if you want your crush to ask you out? Should you tell him directly? Should you change the way you behave? Should you get help from your friends? Should you sit there and wait? There are many ways to get a guy to ask you out. But if you want it to really work, then you have to get it right. There are simple but effective steps you can take to encourage your crush to ask you out.

Giving you the right signs

Yes, you really want to go on a date with this guy. But remember, you shouldn’t look too desperate or make it too obvious that you are madly in love with him. Let him know that you are interested in dating him. But don’t go too far. Wait for him to respond to your suggestions and actions. If a guy sees that you’re too desperate, then he might not try very hard to ask you out, even if he wants to. It will probably just wait for you to do the moves. To surprise a guy and let him ask you out, you have to do two things: leave some signs for him, and be desirable in his eye.

Little signs that matter when you want a guy to ask you out

Give him some signs to start seeing you as a potential dating partner. Sometimes a guy thinks you just want to be a friend. So, totally discard the idea of ​​dating you. Make sure you give the correct message. Dropping a few clues will give you the strength to summon your courage and ask him out. You want him to have an idea that you have feelings for him. It’s important to give him some clear but subtle signals that you really enjoy being around him. Show him good reasons why he should date you. To encourage him to see you as someone he can date, use these tips.

1. Ask your friends for some clues

When you’re talking or having a fun conversation with your crush, get a trusted friend to join the conversation. It will also be preferable if other friends are also close. Let your friend randomly comment something like “They both make a nice couple” without pointing out anyone specific in the group. You can also ask your friend to jokingly say something like, “You two should go out together.” After all, they say the jokes are half-baked. You can use humor to drop those clues. It can be an awkward and embarrassing moment, but it can be helpful for the guy to see you as someone with whom he can be more than just friends.

2. Get a friend to tease the guy you like

As with the first tip, you need a bit of support from a friend on this hack. Ask a trusted friend beforehand to interrupt your next conversation with the guy you like. Make your friend say that he clearly likes you. If you want to take it further, have your friend ask the guy if he ever thought about dating you. Your friend should say this as a joke and a serious question. It’s easy and straightforward without being too embarrassing. See how the boy reacts to that. If he is interested in you, he will take this opportunity to ask you out.

3. Ask the boy to join you

Do you have any plans with friends this weekend? Bring this up while talking or chatting with the guy you like. Ask him to join you and your friends. Let him know that you will have fun visiting a new place and hanging out together. She may not ask you out right away, but it will bring the two of you closer together. You want to make sure he doesn’t feel lonely or out of place. You want to keep him company and make sure he has a fun and enjoyable time.

4. Make weekend plans with just you and him

Did you follow the advice above to ask the guy you like to join you and your friends? Next weekend, invite him back to join you. This time you want it to be just the two of you, so plan carefully. First, you should ask him about his plans. As he tells you about his plans, say that he also likes to do the same. If you don’t like that activity, make it a fake happy surprise. If you have no plans or are unsure about your plans, you can ask him to join you in activity and tell him that you want to try it out for a long time. It will give you the opportunity to spend some time together. Who knows? He might even ask you out the next day.

5. Let the boy know your routine

No, you don’t have to tell the guy the exact time you wake up or the specific things you do to get ready in the morning. As you chat with the guy, give him an idea about your routine and schedule. Talk about how you spend your afternoons or how you spend time after school or work. Let him know especially if there is a place where you would like to hang out after a hectic day or a particular gym that he goes to every day. If you both work or study in the same area, then it is even better. It will give him an excellent opportunity to spend time with you. Maybe you can try walking the same route or eating at a popular restaurant in the area. Letting him know your schedule is a sign that you want him to be a part of your daily life. Love flourishes when you spend time together.

6. Encourage him to ask you out

Have you ever thought that running an errand or leaving the office could be an opportunity to spend time together? You should try to run into the boy you like while you go out, you can ask him to take you or accompany you. Always keep in mind that even if you are doing it intentionally, you must make it look like a coincidence. You can ask him to join you for coffee. It’s a simple but perfect way to get him to ask you out. Once you have a chance to meet him again, do your best to let him see his good side.

7. Ask him to help you

A boy cannot refuse when a cute girl asks for their help. Ask him to fix something. It can be a broken device or anything. If he likes you, he will use this excuse again to spend time with you. When you’re done helping, thank him with the sweetest smile and maybe a special treat like homemade lunch or coffee. It will bring a spark to your relationship that may lead you to ask her on a real date.

8. Pretend to be sick

Yes, it can be a desperate trick. You don’t have to if you feel uncomfortable. There is nothing wrong with doing this trick as long as it does not become a habit. If you want it to come to your house, then this is a very effective way. While you’re talking to him after work or school, pretend you’re not feeling well. Imagine that you have a terrible headache or stomach cramps. If he asks you if you need his help getting home, then this is your chance. Accept your request. When he takes you home, ask him to come in. Put on cute but revealing pajamas. But be careful. If you use something too revealing, he will surely discover that this is all false. However, if you are really sick, you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

9. Let the boy know that you are interested

When you want a guy to ask you out, the most important thing is to let him know how you feel. It’s probably the most direct way to get him to ask you out. You should let him know that you are interested in him and that you are considering a relationship with him. When you feel like the time is right, go ahead and let him know your true feelings. There is a good chance that he will use this situation to ask you out. With most men, this is the best form of encouragement they need, especially if they are shy about asking you out.

10. Make him jealous

If none of the above tricks worked for you, use the ultimate weapon. Jealousy. This is the ultimate weapon for me to ask you out. If the guy you like loves you too, he will never accept you dating other guys. If he is jealous, then it is a good sign. No guy can tolerate the girl who likes to date, other guys. You can ask any of your trusted friends to make him jealous so that the boy you like will ask you out. The fear of losing you will outweigh the fear of being rejected by you. The boy you like will become more protective of you than ever.

Last words

Always remember that getting a guy you like to ask you out on a date is important, but don’t let this wish ruin a healthy friendship between the two of you. Sure, some of these tricks require planning and a little help from a few friends. But remember that it is still important to be natural around you. You may have to pretend a time or two to get their attention, but don’t allow yourself to become something you’re not just to get a guy to date you. For a long-term relationship, it is important that he like you the way you are.