How to use psychology to conquer a man and make him stay with you

Since love is an emotion that arises from the mind, it is possible to use some secret psychological strategies to woo a person you like. In this article, I will teach you to use the mind of your loved one in your favor, so that he falls at your feet without realizing it.

How to use psychology to make a person fall in love?

According to love psychologists, there are six strategies you can use to make a person fall in love, all through subtle manipulation of their mind:

1: Know their love map

It is not entirely certain that if you know the unconscious criteria of that person you will be able to make him fall in love with you. However, it is 100% sure that if you do not know them, you will not be able to fall in love with them.

So, you need to investigate in depth what their tastes and interests are, in order to know what type of person tops the list on their love map. Once you know it, you are ready for the next step: letting your subconscious know that you meet those criteria.

2: Know their affinities and weaknesses

In love, there is a well-known saying: “opposites attract”, however, this is not entirely true.

People tend to look for a partner who has the same tastes and strengths, while in terms of their weaknesses, they look for a person who is the complete opposite of them.

For example, a person who is intelligent, but really shy, will probably seek to date someone who is as intelligent as she is, but who is much more confident.

So if you want to make her fall in love, you must appear confident and thus send a message to her subconscious indicating that you are the right person.

3: What is their level of dependency?

Being dependent means that it takes something or someone to feel good or escape the bad aspects of our life. Therefore, people who fall into this category do not like to be alone, so they are always looking for a new partner.

In short, a person who is dependent is a person who is much easier to conquer, since they need someone to take care of them and make them feel safe.

If the person you want to conquer is very independent, being persistent and obvious in the conquest will not give you good results. It will work much more for you to show that you are also an interesting person with personal projects, and to handle the flirtation in the most casual way possible.

4: Take advantage of their friends

According to social psychology, it is easier for your loved one to fall into your arms if their friends or family endorse you as a romantic choice. Our brain is programmed to believe what people we trust say.

That is, if your friends tell you that you are the ideal person, your loved one will believe it. However, if they tell you that you are an idiot, that person will probably take you off their prospect list.

It starts with knowing who their friends are and getting them to like them. This way they will speak well of you, which will greatly increase your chances of dating.

5: manipulate their mind

I’m not talking about brainwashing or some kind of hypnosis; the way to manipulate that person’s mind is through repetition, not just with words, but with actions.

Repetition makes the subconscious adapt to the idea and see it much more likely, influencing its decision.

It is enough to frequently remind him that you are there, preferably without realizing that you are doing it on purpose. Your constant presence and sympathy will increase the chances that they will notice you and start to think of you as a prospect.

6: build a good reputation

When people hear your name, what is the first thing they think of? What are your most outstanding qualities? Are they positive or negative aspects?

We all have defects, it is common in all human beings, but if others perceive you as someone with many positive and pleasant qualities, there is much more probability that your object of desire considers you as someone with more social value.