I Don’t Just Want A Lover, I Want A Love Who Is My Best Friend

Nowadays we forget how important it is to know yourself well. We fall in love far too quickly and find ourselves broken even before things really start.

It is much easier to find a “lover” than to find someone to spend your life with. Giving everything for someone to someone who hasn’t even taken the time to get to know you is a failure phrase from the start. If physical intimacy is great, true intimacy comes from sharing not only your body but also your spirit and your soul. I don’t want a lover who doesn’t know my favorite color. I want a lover who saw me very closely and who was by my side when the rest of the world tore me apart.

I don’t want to go home the next day like I lost part of myself. I want to wake up restocked and aware of all that is to come. I want someone who can build me like I can’t build myself, someone who will watch me slide and help me find a better place to plant my feet. I want what most people refuse to admit exists and it will not be easy.

To settle for something that does not make my soul happy is not an option. We all deserve the love we give and I have a lot to offer. I want to look at the person I love and in their eyes, see all my secrets. I want to be with someone I trust everything in this life, someone who will never run away from the affection I offer him.

If I can’t allow my vulnerable side to run free while feeling comfortable, I don’t want to be with you. I want you to look at the mess that I am and love me for who I am inside. Sure, it can be difficult at times and we will fight but I want them all. I want the person who knows me best to be there with me through good and bad times.