ideal age to get married in order to avoid divorce!

We often wonder what is the recipe for a successful relationship. According to a new American study, this question particularly depends on the age at which a decision is made to put on the ring.

It’s no secret that at present, half of the couples who say “yes” end up separating. A phenomenon that many studies have already tried to explain. Nowadays, it is the turn of new research initiated by Nicholas H. Wolfinger, sociologist at the University of Utah, to shed light on the problem of divorce.

According to the latter, the risk of separation is linked to the age at which one decides to marry. And presumably, it would not be good to have your finger ring too soon or after the fact.

Therefore, to found this trend, the scientist focused on data collected by the National Survey of Family Growth  to establish a relationship between the age of the spouses at the time of their marriage and the risks of divorce. Thus, according to the results, people married when they were under 20 years old have a 32% chance of separating.

Between 20 and 24 years, we go to a risk of 20%, and to 19% for unions over 35 years. In other words, the most stable marriages would be those of people who said “yes” between 25 and 32 years of age.

But, why in your opinion?

If  Nicholas H. Wolfinger  says that the failure of romantic relationships among the youngest is easily explained by the lack of maturity, he is more doubtful about the couples who fail after having passed the ring on their finger after 32 years. For him, it would be a ”  selection effect  “.

In other words, these people may simply not be suitable for marriage “Those who marry after their early thirties are more likely to divorce today than those who marry in their late twenties,” he explains in his study before continuing : “When they marry , their unions are automatically at high risk of divorce.

More generally, perhaps people who marry later face a panel of potential wives and husbands from whom the individuals most predisposed to a successful marriage have been removed. ”