If he does these 10 things, he’s madly in love with you!

Love is beautiful.

He loves you, he doesn’t love you.

Has your new boyfriend fallen madly in love with you? Check out these unmistakable signs that mean he loves you.

1. He treats you with respect.

When a man is in love with a woman, he respects her.

He is interested in the little details of his life. He treats her with decency.

If your companion values ​​your opinions, compliments your personality, celebrates your successes, is attentive to details and if in addition, he is satisfied with your most eccentric habits – if, for example, he fills the fridge with Weight Watchers then how he hates it – it’s that a guardian angel fell from the sky just for you!

2. You are constantly in thought.

Does he text you funny texts during the day?

Do songs, signs or hilarious article titles make him think of you?

Did he do a Google search last night to find an answer to one of your unanswered debates – which is healthier: ice cream or sorbet? – while he was still at work?

As soon as you take a prominent place in his days, even if you are far away, it is because he is involved in your relationship.

3. He compromises.

Love softens hearts.

Being right is not as important as doing it right for the other person.

When your suitor joins you on subjects about which he is usually very stubborn – maybe he is a fan of auteur cinema and all of a sudden he will let you choose a film he would never have watched – is that he lets himself be guided by his heart and no longer by his head.

Any sign of selflessness, devotion is an indicator of the love he has for you.

4. He touches you in public.

Most men have no qualms about touching their girlfriend in private.

But with public outpourings, they can be a little more hesitant.

When your companion puts an arm around your shoulder in public, it is because he is happy to tell the world that you are together, but it is also a protective gesture.

Another gesture of love: as soon as it starts to offer you the hugs and the caresses of which you dreamed, without any naughty idea behind the head.

He wants to please you by having physical contact with you and no longer just to get what he wants.

5. He wants to take care of you.

Women love men with protective instincts; and although he may not be able to fix everything, the mere fact that he is trying highlights his deep desire to take care of you.

He wants to improve things.

He wishes to provide for your needs, practical and psychological.

He wants to make you smile.

When he tries to reassure you and comfort you, he tells you “I love you” both with his words but also through his actions.

6. He wants you to love his family.

Does he want you to meet the people who are important to him?

When he is ready to introduce you to the people who matter most in his life – and is just as eager to meet your friends and family – it is that he will have no intention of leaving.

He is proud to be by your side and he wishes his family could in turn fall in love with you.

7. He’s not afraid of arguments – or apologizing.

One or two arguments are sometimes necessary before becoming aware of the solidity of a relationship.

A man in love is a man who is not afraid of conflict – or excuses.

On the contrary, he is fair play in your disputes, he respects you when things get difficult, he listens to your point of view, he hates seeing you upset and he wants to find solutions.

“To be in love means never to be forced to apologize” is the most untrue ending word in the history of cinema. (Sorry, it’s in “Love Story”).

Being in love means putting your pride aside, admitting when you are wrong and never being afraid to apologize.

8. “I” became “we”.

Listen to the words he chooses.

When he begins to use terms such as: “we”; “We” and “the shock team” – each man will have his own way of expressing the whole that you are now forming – is that he no longer considers himself a single person.

You are now part of his life.

And he loves it!

9. He speaks to the future and you are part of it.

Does he make plans for the future of which you are a part?

Did he invite you to his best friend’s wedding next fall?

Does he make jokes about your future children?

When he imagines a future with you, it is because he has already decided not to let you go.

10. He tells you.

If he says he loves you, believe him.

A man who is in love cannot keep him for long …