If she does any of these 28 things, she is secretly in love with you

Can you imagine who is secretly in love with you? Seriously, you will see it clear after reading the following 28 signs that she is secretly in love with you. Because love is unpredictable, you do not know who you will fall in love with or who will fall in love with you.

No one can read people’s minds or know what is going on in their inner world. You also can’t be asking if someone likes you. So how do I know if someone is secretly in love with me? You have to learn to detect the signs of romantic feelings that someone has for you.

There is always a secret love closer than we imagine. How to know if she is secretly in love with me? It won’t tell you, you have to detect some signs. Any sign can be a mere coincidence, but if she shows more than one sign, you can already look at her with different eyes.

I think she’s secretly in love with me

According to scientists and psychologists, there are several physical and emotional behaviors that reveal a love interest. Is there someone who is secretly in love with you? Find out the following signs that can be seen in a girl in love.

It can be your friend or a new girl. But there is something strange about her that you just can’t help but notice. She is not your girlfriend, not even a girl you fall in love with, but the way she behaves is proof enough. Is she secretly in love with you? Let’s see.

1.- She gets very uncomfortable in front of you. His hands get restless and he begins to play with his hair or his phone. As they talk, she blushes if you look at her.

2.- There is someone involved in your life even more than your best friend. He wants to know everything about you, asks about your parents, what you do when you are alone, if you go out with girls, etc. Ask about your favorite movie, if you are passionate about something in life, what do you like for breakfast, etc.

3.- If she never gets bored talking to you, she may feel something for you. It doesn’t matter if they keep quiet, she stays upbeat and tries to keep the conversation going. Sometimes she thinks there is nothing to talk about anymore but she has a new question.

4.- She is always competing with you. When it comes to jokes, she doesn’t stick around, she wants to make the best joke. When it comes to exploring clever things she puts up a fight, it doesn’t matter if you get mad. It doesn’t matter if they fight, she won’t let you.

5.- You can know who is secretly in love with you by what your friends say when they are very excited. They can be messages to your mobile, even when you are at a party. Simply because she can’t get you off her mind.

6.- In a direct conversation or on the Internet, she is the first to respond. She will give you more important than anything else in any circumstance.

7.- She is secretly in love if she suffers for reasons that she does not understand, for things that you do not even remember saying. She is in love, she is not going to tell you, she just hopes you realize it and make her fall in love.

8.- She sends you messages over the Internet, then she says she was wrong. What you really want is to start a conversation. Now you can know who is secretly in love with you.

9.- She laughs at anything, even the worst jokes that nobody understands. This is all to get your attention because she is secretly in love with you.

10.- She will try to spend time alone with you, it does not matter if they are in a group. Who is secretly in love with you will make some excuses for you to accompany or help her.

11.- How to know if a woman is in love with me? If he frequently tries to get your attention by doing his best. For example, if you are in a group and she leaves apparently sad, hoping that you will notice.

12.- If she suddenly realizes that you are looking at her, she blushes and leaves ashamed, looking away. Maybe you can think, she is in love with me.

13.- Talking live is a friend like anybody, but when it comes to talking through the chat she is transformed. By chat now she is an attractive girl trying to flirt. Perhaps because she has no courage to show her love life.

14.- She is secretly in love with you if she frequently looks at you differently than other girls do. There is passion, tenderness, and loving desire in his eyes. It does not matter if you are alone or in a group.

15.- How to know if a girl is in love with you? If she is frequently worried about you, more than your best friend does. Even for things as small as a cold. For example, he calls you several times a day just to see if you’re okay.

16. She is secretly in love with you if she shows signs of jealousy every time you talk to other girls. For example, he gets mad at you for taking care of another girl.

17.- If she is interested in plans where only the two are included, it is obvious that she is interested. It seems that everything colludes, every time your friends make plans, they always have to be together.

18. When you go to a party in a group, she always finds a way to be in your line of sight. He does not miss an opportunity for him to realize that she is there. Certainly, a sign that she is secretly in love.

19.- If she supports you blindly frequently in everything, it may be that she is secretly in love with you. For example, if he defends you in front of his friends, even for silly ideas.

20.- If there is a girl who remembers everything you do and say. You may think, is the one who is secretly in love with you. She is not able to remember her own things, but she is always so attentive to what you do and say.

21.- If she’s your friend and you invite her to an event, she can make silly excuses to say she can’t. What he really wants is for you to insist a little. So she says yes very excited.

22.- Try to avoid plans that involve going out with the two of you plus other friends. First of all because he will have few opportunities to be alone with you. And secondly, because he knows he will have competition.

23.- She is secretly in love with you if even though you don’t treat her with enough appreciation she is there. She doesn’t care that you’re so inattentive. All he wants is to show you his unconditional love.

24.- Despite the fact that she laughs at herself sharing gossip with friends, she does not like when they involve her with another boy. All she wants is for you to know that she’s not interested in any guy other than you.

25.- How to know if a friend is in love with you? If he is always trying to make plans to be with you, especially alone. For example, if you are at a party and you are just drinking your beer, she will accompany you even if she does not like to drink.

26.- Who is secretly in love with you? The friend who accidentally, on more than one occasion, tries to touch some part of your body. For example, a good place to do this is the disco. But keep in mind that he may be doing it unconsciously. If you also like it, this is your chance to make her fall in love.

27.- If you have a friend who is always the first to congratulate you on something, you may think that she feels love for you. Birthday, some achievement or simply because you bought new clothes.

28.- How to know if a girl is secretly in love with you? One sign may be that she worries too much about what you think of her. She doesn’t care what other people think of her, but she will do everything possible to make you think well of her.

There are many more things that can happen around a secretly loving heart. Also, in your case, it will not happen exactly as I have shown you. In any case, if you detect any sign, and you also like it, fall in love with it or you can ruin everything. They are very sensitive.