If someone really loves you, they won’t risk losing you

Remember this.

A rupture is generally accompanied by great indecision.

At the time, it often happens that we feel extremely confident in our desire to leave for the next day, cry in front of old photos and send enough “I miss you” to write a novel.

If you feel like a madman unable to see clearly in his feelings or angry with himself because not knowing how to control his emotions as an adult, this is normal.

You are not crazy, you are just human.

Even if the break-up comes after your partner has done something totally unforgivable – and you know that giving it a second chance is a mistake – indecision will still be present.

Whatever the circumstances, you want to hang on at the right time and you may find yourself saying “why me” out loud to the guy at the McDonalds drive.

Again, you are only a human and it is important that you remember that this urge to see things become as they were is perfectly normal.

Chances are that the person you were with is still an important part of your life. He is someone who you never imagined hurting and by whom you never imagined being hurt. But the problems happen and things change.

And while it’s perfectly normal to regret your past closeness, that doesn’t mean you have to get back together.

The breaks are not clear and precise. It’s not just about making a decision and then moving on, although for some reason people think it should be like this.

Healing takes time and you will have to go through many ups and downs before you get there.

The fact that you miss your ex doesn’t mean you have to go back with him.

So if you just want to “see other horizons”, I would like you to take the time to analyze what pushed you to get there.

What did he do ? What have you done ? How did he react when he realized that your relationship was ending?

In general, ruptures occur when one of the partners stops making efforts.

And while he is telling you now that he made a mistake and that he loves you, you must remember that if he really loved you as you deserve, he would never have risked losing you.

People are undoubtedly simple humans making mistakes and I am sure you are wise enough to give a second chance to who deserves it (keyword: merit).

But if it becomes habitual, it is time to start considering your actions rather than your words.

You are gone, you are moving forward. Of course it tells you everything you’ve always wanted to hear.

But if that’s how he felt from the start, why didn’t he say it before? If he really loved you, why did he behave like this from the start?

Only you know what’s best for you and who your ex is. But I invite you to take a closer look at the way you have been treated. Make sure you give him a second chance only because you really think he deserves it – not because you’re sad.