If you break someone’s heart and they still talk to you, reflect

Sometimes a person gets tired of their partner and wants to get away while keeping some privileges. But think about it, if you break someone’s heart, you will probably never forgive yourself. Also maybe change and progress and who knows if you need it again.

How to break your partner’s heart just to get him to walk away from your life? It is very difficult to do it without serious consequences. It’s not even guaranteed that you’ll never see her again so you don’t know anything about it.

Also if you break someone’s heart and they still speak to you with the same emotion and respect, they love you. Believe me, that person really loves you with all his soul. Just put yourself in their shoes and reflect.

How do you break someone’s heart?

1.- If you do not commit to the relationship

Whether you do it unconsciously or not, failing your partner is the worst thing you can do. There is no good way to break the heart of the person you say you love. Just put yourself in their shoes.

Breaking someone’s heart or having it happen to you is one of the worst feelings to experience. Therefore, if you agreed to build a love relationship, give yourself everything.

2.- If you break someone’s heart, you are playing

It can break your heart out of sadness if you consider your partner your entertainment. You are with that person only to fill the void in your life and you do not know how to give affection or details. You only seek it when you need it.

Every time you feel bored you call her to entertain you. If that person feels happy with you even though you treat them with indifference, they love you. It is important that you value that fact.

3.- You forget that it is a person

No matter how cold a person may seem, they have feelings, desires and deserve respect. Forget that you are relating to a sensitive person, it is a form of immaturity and it leads to breaking their heart.

If you break someone’s heart, they think that the same thing can happen to you too. The best thing you can do is love yourself and in the same way love that person, you can only give what you practice.

4.- If you blame him for anything you hurt him

The heart can be broken for love when that person has high hopes of you. But all you want is for me to meet your expectations your way and that’s not love, but dependency.

If he doesn’t do things like you suppose he should be, you get upset and blame him. He doesn’t meet your expectations of making you happy and you blame him. You need to work on your self-love and not wait for someone else to fill your void.

5.- If you don’t fight to become a better person

They just broke my heart that I do, my partner does not make an effort to get ahead. A relationship is built between two, each taking care of their own happiness, challenges, and challenges.

In all progress, there are disagreements, mistakes, and misunderstandings. Each one has to progress by being more tolerant and empathetic. Every day you have to progress to continue deserving that love.

6.- If you put your irrational expectations ahead

If you break someone’s heart, it may be because you expect a perfect and complete life with that person. You idealize her and expect her to behave according to that selfish ideal that comes from your ego.

Breaking a heart is so easy when you want everything to be done your way. Your partner has his own responsibilities and needs his time and space. No one can be at your disposal.

7.- If you forget to be romantic and tender

The best way to break someone’s heart is to stop being tender and romantic. Many people get used to having a partner as if everything was already achieved.

They will break your heart a thousand times if they stop treating you with love. Because love to stay alive needs tenderness. The love of your partner is not obliged to make you happy.

Each one on his own has to improve his self-esteem and each time treat himself with more love. You cannot reap what you do not sow. Love belongs to each one, the relationship of the two.