True love has 5 stages, but most stay in stage 3

In each of the stages of love as a couple we have new experiences, we make mistakes and we learn. True love has 5 stages and it is important to surrender completely in each. Because only commitment helps you achieve true love.

True love is the last stage of conjugal love. But most people only reach the third stage because of a lack of commitment. They ignore that difficulties are part of the process.

The majority of people when they reach the third stage believe that they were the wrong partner. For them, problems are a sign of looking for a new partner and not a lesson to learn to love.

1.- First you fall in love without knowing much

When you like someone you are just following your instinct to find a partner to procreate. Even if you say and feel that it is love, it is not. It feels wonderful, but it’s just hormones pushing you to have a family.

You don’t really know that person, but you feel like having a life with that person. You project your dreams and hopes, you think that you will be very happy by his side. You think it’s love and you venture out.

2.- True love has 5 stages

The second stage of true love or infatuation is becoming part of a couple. Your love for that person increases but you hardly know them in their good moments.

In this stage of married love, children are born. If we manage to go through parenting, love improves, your emotional bond with your partner deepens.

3.- Stages of true love: Disillusionment

On every trip, there are days and nights. True love also has its moments of darkness. But you have to go through it holding hands. But many surrender to this third stage of love.

Among all the stages of love and the couple, disappointment is the greatest test. You feel bad about the little things that bother you in your relationship. You feel less love and want to escape.

True love has 5 stages but in these 3 stage, you feel irritable. Your dissatisfaction increases, you get sick and blame your partner. It is time to hold on to your self-love and not give up.

4.- The stage of creating real and lasting love

This is one of the best stages of true love. It is only possible if each one is clear about their priorities. Everyone wants to be happy, but there will always be difficulties. What causes these problems?

Most of us grow up in dysfunctional families and have emotional wounds that need healing. These wounds are manifested in stage 3 of couple love and it is not to abandon, but to solve.

Couples who help each other with love manage to heal their childhood traumas and survive to stage 3. Now if they know each other a little more and love begins to be more real and satisfying.

5.- Change the world starting with ours

The fifth stage of love in a relationship is to create a world for you. The family nucleus is the basis of our society, but not only to produce good children. You can also create good projects.

How far can you go with the strength of the love of two people who know each other well? It is true that even where there is love, peace is lacking. But that only means that the committed work of both is necessary.

True love has 5 stages and if you have already gone through all those phrases you have an invaluable experience. Why not use the power of the love of both to teach how to overcome our differences.

What do couples who manage to go through the third stage of true love do?

The stages of love and infatuation are unique and different in each couple. But in all cases, there is a factor that favors surviving stage 3 and building a true love: Being grateful.

A relationship is built thanks to the commitment, respect, complicity, and great desire of both. It is not enough to say “I love you” and assume that he loves you too.

Everyone has difficulties and having the support of your partner is a blessing. You have to be grateful for that, even if there is no such support because it pushes you to find it yourself.

Couples, where there are high levels of gratitude, are the strongest. Feeling appreciated and valued strengthens the relationship. True love has 5 stages and it is easier to go through them when there is union.

Talk, listen and take initiative every day. Surprise him, congratulate him, ask, and don’t be afraid to say thank you love. Yes, thank you not for something special, but just for your company.