Is your man in love? 12 signs that never fail

The man does not easily say “I love you”. It doesn’t matter: many of his actions and words betray him. See how he is in love …

He’s calling you just to know how you’re doing

A man in love needs to locate you: he likes to know what you are doing, with whom, and how you are doing. So he calls you like that for nothing, just for the sake of hearing you.

He cancels his party when you’re not well

A man in love puts you first. When you’re low on spirits or too feverish, he crashes his friends, his job, or his game to stay by your side and take care of you.

He talks about your relationship in the future

A man in love is planning to go see with you a film that will be released in three weeks and without trembling offers you to go to Thailand together next summer.

He finds you beautiful all the time

A man in love doesn’t care about your loose hair in the morning, your smell after sports, your extra pounds, and itchy legs. He loves you the way you are.

He cares about what you do

A man in love asks you questions about your job and always knows where you stand. He listens to you and supports you.

He makes room for you

A man in love frees up room in his wardrobe for your clothes and in the shower for your hundred conditioners. He even thinks it looks pretty.

He knows what you like

A man in love remembers that cilantro gives you pimples and that you are a fan of Goldman. Moreover, he watches for his return on stage to surprise you when the time comes.

He asks for your opinion

A man in love asks you to choose his curtains and his shirts. And he listens to you.

He answers you right away

A man in love responds to your messages quickly and always picks up his phone. He doesn’t play the king of silence and doesn’t give you time to worry.

He does not run away at the first obstacle

A man in love does not run away at the first disagreement and after the first argument. He does everything to solve the problem and works with you to find solutions to make your relationship grow.

He introduces you to his friends

A man in love invites you to go out with his friends. He is proud of you. He even plans to introduce his parents to you.

He supports you as you are

A man in love accepts your moods, all your moods. Besides, he even admits that without them, you would lose your charm.