One day you will be everything someone is looking for

Someday you will be the reason someone is happy again. You will bring light to this person’s dark world again. You will appear at the right time in the right place. You will be the reason this person once again believes in love. You will make that person remember why they are worthy of being loved.

You will give them back their self-esteem. You will show them their long-lost potential and greatness. You will show them that they deserve everything.

One day you will make someone happy after a long time. You will make someone shiver as soon as they see you. You will make his heart beat every time he looks you in the eye. He will consider you as perfection, something he has been looking for all his life. He will never let you go because you are perfect for him. He will do anything to keep you because he is there for the long haul.

One day you will be someone’s shoulder to cry on. You will be someone’s refuge, a place where he can be who he really is. He will know that you are there for him for better or for worse. If he is going through a difficult period, he will know that he can count on you; he will know that he can cry in your presence. It won’t bother him. His vulnerability is something he wants to share with you.

One day you will heal someone’s broken heart . You will be the person who will relieve his pain. You will be the girl who will turn all their ills into good things. You will help them pick up the broken pieces of their hearts and put it together like a puzzle. Either way, he can’t finish it without you because you’re holding the last piece.

One day, he will stay for you. He will never run away again because you showed him what true love is . You had given her back her faith. You made him want to never leave again. For the first time in a long time, he only needs one person, you. And he is not afraid to accept it.

It is you who will make it arise. He won’t want anything else from life. Finally, he will feel fulfilled and so will you. Both of you will be a classic example of these perfect couple stories of couples you always hear but never see. No, you will not see it or hear about it, you will experience it.

Someday you will be the reason why love is easy again. It is not toxic, it is not abusive and it is not a one-way street. It is harmless, long-term and unconditional. It’s love forever. It’s effortless, it’s natural. In other words, it is absolutely fair.

One day you will be the reason someone will have confidence again. You will show him that there are still people who deserve their trust and honesty. It will not be easy. It will not open in the blink of an eye. But, if you stay long enough, he will let you into his heart and show you his confidence.

He will let you into his life because he will appreciate your presence. It is thanks to you that he feels alive again.

He will be distraught and wonder what he has done to deserve someone like you in his life. But the answer is easy. He did nothing at all. You were supposed to meet from birth.

Everything that happened to you led you to the moment your eyes met. That’s all I had to say. It was the start of the rest of your life together.

One day you will make someone grateful for finding you, their soul mate . You will make him cherish to lie down by your side each evening and wake up in the morning by your side. You will be the one responsible for making them smile, even if smiling is the last thing they want to do.

One day you will realize that all the men who left you had to leave you. Otherwise, you would never have found the one whose life you changed and who changed your life. You would never have met the one who brings out the best in you, the one who makes you the best version of yourself.

Someday you and that person will win the battle of life. You will find each other and go to the end.

No more tears, no more heartache. Only you two for the rest of your life.