Questions to ask a girl to know her better

You have just invited a girl who interests you to a first date! You are really looking forward to getting to know it better and discovering it more.
But a first date can be scary and stressful. You are a little afraid of losing your means and of not knowing what topics of conversation you might discuss.
Do not panic, we will help you!
The main thing to keep in mind if you want to get to know her better is to make her speak. And to make her speak, you must of course ask her questions.
Many women think that men are more interested in their bodies than their minds and passions. Show him that this is wrong by asking him questions that interest you which will allow you to bounce back more easily.
We have a list of questions you could ask a girl to get to know her better. It is important to choose questions that you will feel comfortable with. Do not choose, for example, a question about literature, if books are not your cup of tea!

A few tips

– Ask him open questions and avoid closed questions (which do not wait only for a positive or negative answer). This will allow you to start a more interesting conversation.
– When she answers you try to comment with interest, to describe her feelings and especially to seek common passions.
– If you run out of ideas, bring your attention to it or what is around you: comment on its outfit, its accessories, the place you have chosen, … but always in a positive way!
– Remember to smile and stay natural. Don’t give the impression of being somewhere else.
– If you talk about yourself, do not hesitate to relaunch it on the same subject. For example “I love this mocha, and you what is your favorite drink?” ”
– If a question makes her uncomfortable, do not insist and move on.

30 Questions to Ask to Know a Girl Better

These 30 questions will help you better understand and know a girl you like. Do not hesitate to remember some of these questions in order to ask him during your first appointment. Choose the ones that interest you the most!

What are your hobbies ?
What book touched you the most?
Do you like sports ?
What film touched you the most?
Do you have small habits, weekdays or weekends?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
What kind of person would you like to date?
Where do you like to spend your holidays?
What is the job of your dreams?
What is your biggest dream?
What quality do you prefer at home?
What kind of relationship are you looking for?
Are you close to your family?
What does a perfect day look like?
Do you have and love animals?
Who are you closest to in your family?
What character trait do you like most in people?
What makes you laugh in general?
Do you follow your heart or your head more often?
What are the things you really can’t stand?
What are you most proud of?
What do you like to do on the week-end ?
Where did you grow up
What is most important to you in life?
If you could visit a place in the world, what would you choose?
Where would you like to travel?
What can make you nostalgic?
Are you a homebody or party girl?
What fault do you hate the most in others?
What is the most important quality?