Questions to ask your boyfriend if things are getting serious

Serious questions to ask about your boyfriend


Things get serious. Looking back at all the dates and time they spent together, it seems like you can tell that this is someone with whom you could potentially have a family. You are used to having each other, but you are not sure if there is something fundamentally different between the two of you that could be a deal-breaker.

Your train of thought begins to take you to places that you do not know if you want to visit. There is still quite a bit of uncertainty. You want to be sure that he is the one. There are so many questions you could ask yourself about yourself and about him.

If you’re struggling to determine if he’s the right one or not, here are the questions to ask yourself and him to clear some of the hazy clouds in the air.


1. When do I want to settle in?


That is a very important question to ask yourself. It would be awkward to find out that you want to have a family when you’re 30, while your boyfriend doesn’t want kids until he’s 40 when you’re both the same age now.

Couples usually talk casually about having a family and children. It does not mean that it is specifically directed at them. Don’t feel like you shouldn’t talk about it because it could put pressure on your boyfriend. Just ask yourself and him this question to find out if you see things face to face.


2. Am I ready to commit for the rest of my life?


Are you? It is not bad to want to explore more. Many people enjoy dating and don’t want to settle for just one person when they are young. Do you feel that you are still at that stage? Sometimes it’s not just about finding the right person, but also about timing.

In fact, things are starting to get serious, maybe you both feel like you could be someone to marry, but do you want to get married? That’s a hard question. Think about it first before deciding if you want to move on to the next chapter.


3. Is he really the right person or am I just reducing my needs just to be satisfied?


Are you at this point in life where you just want to settle down to be okay with whoever is decent? He may not be the guy of your dreams, but it doesn’t matter because he’s not bad and you want to settle down with someone. It is perfectly natural to want to settle down in a moment of life. But don’t reduce your needs and wants just to feel satisfied.

Sit by the table one night with the lights on and think, is this really the boyfriend you would have wanted? Are you giving up something just to settle down? Is it worth everything? Only you can tell if it’s worth it or not. You just need to have that rational discussion with yourself before fully committing.


4. Is there something fundamentally different about us?


Remember, texting with only emojis or not buying food is not a fundamental thing, these are all just habits. Don’t let him always get away with just saying “it’s just who I am”. Those are literally just habits. It is not fundamental. Something fundamental would be wanting to have children or not and want to live in the city or in the country. That is critical and your views are unlikely to change.

A habit can be developed or changed, but a core value cannot. If the two of you have something fundamentally different, then you can only wonder if you’re willing to live with it for the rest of your life because it’s highly unlikely that someone will change something so profound about them.


Romantic questions to ask your boyfriend


5. What do you see in me?


Ask him why you are different from other girls he dated. What makes you stand out so much that he really sees a future with you and isn’t just having fun with you right now? Good to Know. You would not want to be with someone who only wants to be with you because you are pretty.

You’ll want him to like you for traits that will last, like your positive vibe or your generosity. Having a pretty face or being a beauty queen is not something that stays. You want me to love you for qualities that you cannot lose.


6. Do you think of baby names?


How do you want to name our firstborn? Now if you still remember the Reddit hot thread from a while ago, a pregnant wife got so mad and even wanted a divorce because her husband insisted on naming her firstborn after her ex that he couldn’t forget.

It is surely very uncomfortable if it happens to you. Even a question like “what do you want to name our firstborn?” It can reveal a lot about your boyfriend.


7. How is the wedding of your dreams?


Are you dreaming of a little wedding in the Grand Canyon of Mars? Or a traditional wedding in an Alaskan barn? Or just a typical modern Los Angeles wedding? There are so many options, the most important thing is that he thinks of you when he portrays his wedding, or better yet, for you, dreams of having a wedding.

It is a very sweet and romantic question to ask your boyfriend. Hear about the wedding of your dreams, how she would like to marry you, and all the thoughts you put into it.


8. Are you willing to be a stay-at-home parent?


Most women have their own careers these days, even after marriage. If you are expected to drop everything to be a stay-at-home mom, is he willing to do the same for you? Ask him to imagine himself as a stay-at-home parent – what would he be doing with the children every day? Or that’s a question no wife wants to know because the answer may be too stupid to handle.

This question helps you understand what your boyfriend thinks. How much he is willing to invest to have a future with you and how much he plans on your future together. A perfect question when you’re curled up on the couch watching the new Jennifer Aniston movie on Netflix.


Funny questions to ask your boyfriend


9. If I fell into the sea with our dog, who would you save first?


The last question every boyfriend is afraid of. You don’t win at this. Girlfriend or dog? Probably even harder to answer than a girlfriend or a mother. We all love our good doggo, and dogs can swim anyway. This question is just for fun, no matter what.

Children are interesting creatures in their own way, sometimes they give you answers you never thought were possible, so it would be fun to see what he has to say about it!


10. Would you say yes to having 10 dogs in our new house?


Yes, you are surely getting dogs, in the plural, the real question is how many is enough. Your boyfriend needs to know that if he’s going to live with you for the rest of his life, he needs to start learning how to be a dog whisperer.

Can you build a dog house? Do you know a lot about dog training? How to best decorate a house with dogs? It’s even better if you’re a dog lover, puppies are the source of happiness for most girls, to begin with.




Knowing that this relationship is going places and that he is someone you want to be with is magical. Not many people can spend their life with who they really want. You may feel insecure at times and there are still questions to think about. It’s okay to feel like you. Doubts do not weaken a relationship, sustaining them does. Ask the questions you want and get their answers.

If you don’t know what questions to ask, we’ve provided quite a few here! You’re sure to find out more about yourself and him after asking all these questions!