Often, men do not say what they feel, out of fear of ridicule or just out of pure pride. Besides revealing gestures and endearing words, the look is one of the most obvious signs to recognize if a man has fallen under your spell. By the way, a man looks at you, you can already determine the background of his thoughts, intentions, personality, etc. To go further on the subject, do not miss the rest of this article.

Reading the nonverbal consists essentially in perceiving the behavior and the emotions of the other. This skill, so well developed, can be very effective in really decoding even the most subtle signs of interest. Here are a few types of looks to find out if you’re interested in a little, a lot or… a lot!


A shifty glance that comes back to you, can mean that the person is interested, but that they are shy or that they are afraid to reveal their interest to you. You notice that he has been looking at you for a while, but looks away as soon as you look in his direction. These signs are not deceiving, there is a good chance that you like him and that you are to his liking. It’s time to take action to meet him.

Shifty gaze can mean a lot of things:

  • She just saw me watching her, damn! Let’s look elsewhere, because she would take me for a pervert or a twisted!
  • This girl is too good for me, I’m not up to it anyway.

These thoughts which then trot in the head of the man show a certain timidity. It’s up to you to make it an opportunity, or to go your own way.


Unlike the shifty gaze, this one is unwavering, fixed, and pronounced. The man who is looking at you now is a confident, serene man who would not lower his eyes for the world. At first glance, it may seem unsettling, disconcerting, intriguing … If a man looks you straight in the eye, haughtily, but at the same time seductive, it means that he likes you in a certain way. In fact, he wants to have a hold on you.

When you face these kinds of situations, don’t panic. Please in return feel free to challenge him in his own playground. Give him a revolver look! This will show her that you are an enterprising woman with a strong character.


This type of man is not going to dwell on your eyes. His gaze will be much more leaning on your chest or your buttocks. In addition, he may look you in the eye and do other very telltale signs, such as biting the lip or touching his chin. There is no doubt, he likes you physically. Besides, you could say he even wants you, but probably just for one night.

It’s up to you to decide if you don’t want to waste your time with this kind of person or go deeper into their personality so that you don’t regret anything. Who knows, behind this grotesque and rather perverse character could hide a real crush. In any case, we will have warned you!

In short, be careful not to go wrong. The look is only a superficial aspect. You have to look at other bodily gestures to be sure that the man in question is genuinely interested.