Signs that your partner is a compulsive liar

All people cheat, that’s a fact. It is very normal that you have had to say some lie to justify a failure, cover a friend or try to make a person feel better. But some take this practice to the extreme and end a life with but fantasy than reality.

When hoaxes constantly erupt in the relationship, things tend to get complicated, especially if they become a daily and recurring reality.

The hoaxes promote confusion and insecurity that are not convenient for a relationship, but for certain people, they may be the only way they can cope with reality.

Do you feel like your partner is continually cheating on you? Read on to discover the primary signs that you are dating a pathological liar.

What is urgently cheating?

Known as pseudology fantastica,  the pathological hoax consists of cheating all the time, literally.

Pressing Liars are masters in the art of creating new realities and stretching the truth to fabricate hoaxes with certain true facts, which make the stories they create credibly.

They keep up hoaxes for long periods of time, with which they try to present themselves in a positive way to others and make them feel good about themselves.

The pressing liar very often comes to believe his stories because, in his longing to make others think what he tells them, he refines the details of his fiction to the point that it is occasionally difficult for him to distinguish the hoax from the reality.

Causes that produce pathological hoaxes

Lying in a compelling way is a condition that has not yet been fully understood by mental health specialists.

Its causes have not yet been specifically defined, but it is known that it is a behavior associated with other conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or bipolarity.

It can also have causes external to mental health, such as having developed and grown up in an environment of incessant hoaxes by parents that have been assumed as normal behaviors. Restless system damage can be another cause of this behavior.

How do you know if your partner is a pressing liar?

His ability to continually create stories makes the pathological liar a really difficult person to discover in his lies.

However, there are a number of signs you can be on the lookout for if you suspect that your partner might urgently cheat, even if it sounds entirely admissible.

1. They cheat and lie

“Compulsive” means that he continually deceives, about anything. From little things that are practically insignificant for which it is not necessary to deceive, to very complex subjects, the hoax is necessary for him to live in conformity with himself.

All his hoaxes will always and in all circumstances have something really, which sometimes complicates discovering them.

2. They try to attract attention

The pressing liar has a need to attract attention and fit in wherever he goes.

He will always try to be the center of attention in any encounter, the one who solves everything, the one who always and in all circumstances has the answers, and the primary actor in his stories.

3. Has low self-esteem

For a pressing liar, their stories are a way to endure their insecurities and build self-confidence.

It is common for them to be bullies and get used to show off, to boast and boost their self-esteem.

These behaviors are peculiarities of low self-esteem, while a truly confident person requires the incessant approval of absolutely no one.

4. His anatomical language affirms a lot

Observe the behavior of your partner, their way of chatting, walking, and especially looking at you the moment you chat.

In general, those who cheat avoid eye contact to avoid showing signs of their hoaxes and also tend to sweat or be restless at the moment of making up their stories.

However, more experienced liars can be impossible to spot, as they are able to deceive freely while still looking you in the eye and are not instantly nervous when chatting.

5. They continually change their stories

The liar’s mission is to be completely admissible, so you will hear him tell the exact same story at different times and with different versions, each one considerably more elaborate than the preceding one.

They create so many lies, that they can lose the thread and change the version when they return to touch the subject. Their stories are worthy of gaining everyone’s attention, but among so many inventions they find it quite difficult to avoid contradictions and maintain consistency.

6. They will never accept the truth

Even if you catch them in the thick of it, a pressing liar will never acknowledge their hoax. This is a quality of the pathological liar that is still quite difficult for psychologists to understand.

Studies have proven that those who suffer from this mental suffering lack empathy for others, which is not affected by the feeling of guilt, the fear of being discovered, social accusations, or any other of the consequences that come with being discovered in a hoax…

So confronting and judging them may not be enough, and you end up wearing yourself out before your partner admits to having failed.