Stay single until you meet that kind of guy


The proverb “ it is better to be alone than in bad company ” has never been truer than in love. When I hear a girl complaining because she’s single, I tell myself that she might be right. Maybe he wants to be single until we meet the right man for us.

The perfect man does not exist. I don’t think you’re going to find a man who’s the man of your dreams. Or even the man who matches all of our reasons below. But one thing is certain, there are men who are better than others.

The goal is therefore to find the right man for you. And so take your time to find this man. Don’t choose just anyone just because you’re afraid of being single. Wait until you find the man who will make you happy.


Stay single until you find a man:

  • Who opens and holds the door for you.
  • Who holds your hand in public without being ashamed.
  • Who wants to introduce you to his parents.
  • Who can give up everything to help you.
  • Who answers all your SMS in less than 2 hours.
  • Who is honest with you and always tells you the truth.
  • Who kisses you on the forehead to show his love
  • Who keeps his promises.
  • Who gives you flowers as a surprise.
  • That motivates you and inspires you to always be stronger, more sure of yourself.
  • Who doesn’t say “I love you” to you first and not just in response to your “I love you”.
  • Who gives you self-confidence and makes you the most beautiful.
  • Who listens to you when you have problems.
  • Who gives you romantic surprises to make everyday life funnier.
  • Who has no problem with the police and does not try to run away.
  • Who wants a future with you and not just a little adventure.
  • Who makes sacrifices to make your life as a couple of work.
  • That gives you a massage when you are stressed out after a day at work.

In short, stay single until you meet a man who meets all of these criteria below. Life is too short and too important to share it with the wrong man.

And you what are your criteria to recognize a man who is worth it. Are there some flaws that mean you could never share your love life with a guy?