That man doesn’t really love you, 16 signs, his great love is fake

Love is false when your happiness depends on another when everything is based on his promises. In couple relationships, there is no logic. That man doesn’t really love you if he continually gets you excited and doesn’t treat you as something special. Stormy stories of this type of love are very common and do not always end well.

The illusion that you make of love can play a trick on you

Many women believe that their happiness is in the love that another person can give them. That is completely false and can lead to serious disappointment.

Love is in what you love to do, in your own way, and in the way that only you can do it. Create a lifestyle where you feel wonderful and everything is under your control.

But the illusion of love is when you believe that someone has to give you their attention to complete you and be happy. When you become emotionally dependent, other people can use you and abuse your weakness.

All up to you. Just ask yourself, really what kind of life do you want to have. What you get is just a harvest of what you sow. If you want something better you will have to change what you give.

That man doesn’t really love you, look how he looks for you

When a woman has low self-esteem, she can fall into the false love that a man offers her. He looks for her very sporadically, does not take into account her tastes, and does not show her affection in public.

He does not invite you to the movies or to dinner but to private places. Why avoid public places? If he really likes you, why doesn’t he look for you at any time and more often? Obviously, he doesn’t really love you.

If he doesn’t have initiative with you, he doesn’t really love you

When a man has excuses to go out for a weekend, is he really attracted to you? Whenever they go out it is on your initiative. Face it, he doesn’t really love you as he says.

He has no details for you and is never affectionate in public. Doesn’t it seem obvious to you that he just wants to use you without caring about your feelings? Whoever loves shows off his girl.

When in a relationship only one of them carries the initiative, the other does not feel involved. He doesn’t love you enough as his words probably say.

He calls only to see you in private and does not invite you elsewhere

A man who really wants you in his life shows off you. A man with fake love has no time for you and only looks for you when he needs something. Face it, that man doesn’t really love you.

I found that he only wants to play with my feelings when he called only once in a while. If he just wants to hang out with you, he doesn’t want you for something serious. If he doesn’t give you quality time, he doesn’t really love you.

He treats you like a good friend even though He wants to kiss you

When he calls you, you laugh at his jokes and agree to meet him because you like him. You help him in everything he asks of you and they are seen as a couple, but he tells you, “you are like my little sister”.

He only wants you as a hobby or maybe as a friend with rights. That’s why she tells you “you’re the best friend I’ve ever had” even though she sometimes treats you like she likes you.

He makes you his confidant and talks to you about other women

Another sign that this man doesn’t really love you is when he talks openly about other women. He tells you about his adventures and how he would like to conquer some other girl.

He probably does not tell you that he already has another commitment but insists on looking for you. You are always the one who waits, the one who listens, and not the protagonist of a love story. Accept it, he doesn’t love you.

If that man talks about the future and you’re not included, he doesn’t really love you

He is only playing with you if you are not part of his plans for his future. Sometimes he talks about what he wants to achieve, but he never considers you as the protagonist by his side.

Possibly he considers you as something temporary, as something that is not important in his life. The excuses of married men are a sample of this. Simple, he doesn’t really love you.

His love is fake if he only calls you when he needs you

Every time he calls you his conversation focuses on what he needs you to help him with. Your interest is primarily based on your interests. He never asks you what you want to do, how are you doing, what do you like, etc.

It’s true that many relationships start out that way. But if he avoids telling you about his private life and what will become of you in the future, something is not right. He doesn’t really love you.

In public, he is not affectionate as in private

Realize, that man does not really love you if he is not especially affectionate in public. When a man loves a woman he likes to be with her everywhere, to be happy with her.

How to know if your love is true or false? For the attention, he gives you, for the affection towards you from his body language and insignificant details. If he doesn’t even look at you lovingly, there is no love.

A man who does not speak to you with love does not really love you

If there is no communication, that man does not really love you. For example, when you talk to him about dating or going for a walk with other couples, he changes the conversation.

If he feels uncomfortable when you talk to him about clarifying your relationship, are they friends or boyfriends, or what are they? He’s just using you, he’s taking advantage of your illusion of good love.

When a man is busy for you, his love is not for real

The nights are always more romantic when meeting a couple. But for him, he seems not to share this idea, because he always says he is very busy.

That man doesn’t really love you if he doesn’t want to go out and have fun at a party or a movie. It doesn’t take into account your wishes and what it really means to be a couple in love.

He is playing with you if they do not share with common friends

Nothing is more fun than spending moments with friends. Laugh, record stories, make plans, etc. But that doesn’t count on the guy you like.

It’s been more than a month since they see you sneakily and they still haven’t introduced you to their friends. And worst of all, avoid your friends. Are these living a love forbidden and do not know?

He doesn’t really love you if a man jokes about looking for a boyfriend for you

It is very strange that a man looks for you as if he likes you but talks to you about getting a boyfriend.

That man doesn’t want you for a serious commitment if he’s looking for boyfriends for you. He points you out to certain guys who might be ideal to be your boyfriend. He really doesn’t want you by his side.

His attention to you is like all women

He is a gentleman, treats you kindly, and compliments you, but you are not the only one. That’s his way of being, that man doesn’t really love you, don’t get your hopes up.

For a man to be nice feels good, especially if you like that man. You want it for yourself, but if it doesn’t treat you differently, it doesn’t have feelings of love for you.

He clarifies that he does not want a relationship, only casual dating

You are a girl in love dreaming of living a love story and you demand a formal relationship. He is already tired of this request and tells you that he does not want a formal relationship.

Maybe he finally tells you that he is married or has a girlfriend and only wants casual dates. He tells you that he does not want a formal relationship because he does not feel prepared and everything will go well as it has been before.

When the obvious becomes clear you have to make a decision

Many times love makes us blind. But it is possible that a friend or someone warned you about that man. But you are in love and you believed nothing.

Now it’s clear, that man doesn’t really love you, what are you going to do? Just be happy, treat yourself well, love yourself, forgive yourself, turn the page and go your way.