The 30 craziest questions to ask your best friend

Saying someone is your best friend is not just anything!

Best friends are those sisters that we choose. Those accomplices who are always and in all circumstances there to listen to us and make us feel better. Those accomplices with whom we share each and every one of our antics.

Maybe you think your best friend and they know everything about each other. But we assure you that, with these thirty questions, apart from laughing out loud and meditating a bit, you will discover that there are many things that are yet to be discovered.

30 questions to ask your best friend

1. If you could move to any place on the planet, what would it be, and for what reason would you choose exactly that place?

2. If you had to go live on a desert island, what would be the 3 most essential things that you would take with you, due to the fact that you cannot live without them?

3. Is there a very deep fear that you have since childhood that you have not shared with absolutely anyone?

4. On average, in general, how long does it take before you are ready to go out?

5. Now in your life, who do you consider your greatest hero or h**roine?

6. What is your idea of ​​a perfect date with your partner?

7. What was your first love called? Did you ever affirm what you felt or did you never dare to do so?

8. Tell me 3 movies about which you cannot avoid complaining.

9. What would you say is the most essential aspect of someone’s personality? Something that has nothing to do with his physique.

10. If you could choose any job on the planet, what would it be and for what reason?

11. Tell me three things that you always and at all times carry with you everywhere.

12. Of each and every one of the local jokes and private jokes that we have among us, which one is your favorite?

13. What else can bother you in a person? something you don’t accept in the least.

14. If you could suppress the memory of your past, what would it be and for what reason?

15. Is there something that you are obsessed with or that you think about all the time?

16. Has your family or your other friends ever given you a nickname that you don’t know? What does it mean?

17. If you were on a podium giving a statement to hundreds and hundreds of people, what do you think you would be saying?

18. What is the last book you just read?

19. If you were given a choice between an absolutely organized trip around the planet and money, what would you choose?

20. In your opinion, what skill or knowledge is essential for life, and is it something that we are not taught at school?

21. How old were you the first time you kissed someone?

22. If any of your wishes could come true, what would you wish for?

23. What part of your body causes you the most tickle?

24. If you had to choose between authentic love and a lot of money, what would you choose?

25. Have you ever considered stopping being my friend? for what reason?

26. What would you never excuse me from doing or affirming?

27. What more work has it cost you to apologize?

28. What do you think is the worst thing you have done to me in life?

29. What do you think has been our best moment together?

30. Do you think we will continue to be such friends in ten years?

There are many other questions you can ask your best friend. The questions asked here are just certain examples.