The 5 stages of dating for a woman

For a woman, the stages may differ, what goes into a woman’s mind once she meets a man is very different from what goes into a man’s mind. Women tend to approach dating in a slightly different way, our feelings get involved much earlier, we start to experience strong affection once we meet a guy we really like.

These are the 5 stages of dating for a woman.

1. The attraction stage

This first stage seems to be the same for both men and women. Most relationships start out like this, with a physical attraction. If you see a guy you like, you can strike up a conversation with him, maybe flirt a bit just to see if he’s attracted to you too.

You are on your best behavior, show your best self. You must show him all the positive aspects of your life. You keep communication cheerful and even fun. All of this positivity will increase his attraction to you and dating him will allow you to explore the possibilities.

2. The “I’m not sure” stage

You start to question yourself at this stage. You like him very much, some feelings are starting to develop but you are not sure if he is the right type for you. Do you seem like a good partner? You need to take your time at this stage, give yourself and him a chance because maybe he is your soul mate.

Let it simmer in a relationship. At this stage, you want to observe and focus on what he is giving you, what you are getting from this guy (focus only on the facts). This can give you perspective and help you answer any questions you may have.

You may want to seek help during this stage, support from friends or, if it’s that important, from a dating coach.

3. The stage “it’s time to create a romantic relationship”

If you get to this stage, it means that you are now sure that he is the right guy for you, your questions have been answered. Now he is determined to create a relationship, where the two are exclusive. Now is the time to create positive experiences together.

Some women make the mistake of evaluating it at this stage. If you want things to progress to the next stage, you should avoid it, it is better to focus on getting the best out of him and you. This is the stage where you do a lot of negotiation, you are settling into a partner, so you have to make a lot of adjustments, a lot of compromises. Therefore, use the power of negotiation wisely, do not complain or scold, do it in a positive way. You will get better results that way and increase your chances of moving on to the next stage.

4. The stage of intimacy

When you reach this stage, you are ready to show your most vulnerable side. You can reveal who you are because you are becoming more intimate. You find a way to open up communications so that he feels comfortable sharing his vulnerable side as well.

Guys sometimes need to get away from this whole exchange, if he needs to do that, don’t try to stop him, you’ll alienate him and he might shut down. Let it be, it will come back, it just needs a little time. If you don’t press, you will get better results.

This stage is perfect to get to know each other’s personalities and experience some of the best moments of the relationship.

5. The “I’m in love” stage

When you get to this stage you know that you have found your soulmate and you want to commit to him. You are sure of your feelings, you want to spend your life with him. You don’t need to rush to get married, instead you can use this stage to build a solid foundation for your life together.

You want this relationship to last a lifetime, right? Then use this stage to practice forgiveness, you will need it in the future and so will he.

Sending text messages in the early stages of dating

Texting has become the main form of communication these days and on the dating scene it’s like the norm. Whether you meet someone online or in person, a lot of your interaction is likely to be through text messages (at least in the early stages of dating).

Keep your conversations light and flirtatious and start with a simple “Good morning” or “Good evening.” This type of message always makes the recipient smile because it means that you are thinking about it when you wake up or when it is time to go to sleep. It is simple and it is worth it.

To help you navigate these text messages in the early stages of dating, here are a couple of rules you need to follow to get it right.

1. Don’t be elusive

If you like it, let him know. You can text like “Hope to see you” or “I enjoyed our time together yesterday.” Being elusive will not give you another date because he will think you are not interested.

2. Treat yourself how you want to be treated

Playing games is not cool, be you, you know, kind and considerate.

3. Don’t keep them waiting

Send them a text message. Not earlier than 5 minutes and not more than 25 (unless you can’t access your phone) Keeping them waiting is very immature and you wouldn’t want to get that back, right? Show your interest by sending a text message in an appropriate time frame.

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The stages of dating for men and women are somewhat different, you must recognize them in order to understand them and learn to cope with them.

Trust us, they will come in handy the next time you meet someone. You will know what to expect. Good luck out there!