The 5 stages of dating for a guy

The 5 stages of dating for a guy

Dating can be awkward at times, so any help you get will be greatly appreciated, right? What if you have some kind of guidelines to follow? Some people are lucky enough to find a meaningful relationship fairly quickly, while others take an enormous amount of time. What are they doing wrong? Maybe in how they approach dating?

Dating is a process that has different stages, so if you want to navigate your world with some success, you need to understand and deal with them. Men and women can understand them in very different ways (that’s the way of almost everything)

Let’s take a look at the 5 stages a date with a guy goes through.

1. The “check it out” stage

This stage begins the moment they meet a woman. You check her out and if you find her attractive, the cycle begins (she may be attracted to you too). This stage for a boy is very physical, and if the chemistry is good it could be a very intense s**xual relationship. You think about her all the time and can wait to be with her again.

It can get a bit obsessive, but not in a bad way. This stage of dating is so much fun and so exciting, it seems like your life revolves around it. Your time with her is all that matters, whether it’s a night out dining and dancing or a romantic evening at home, all your focus is on her and the time you spend together.

But make no mistake guys, this is not the peak of your relationship (and this is where dating goes wrong), this stage of lust and romance is going to pass, so don’t break it if this happens, that is, if you want. a more serious relationship with this girl. Enjoy it while it lasts and get ready to move on to the next one.

2. The “I’m in love with you” scenario

Your dating process has grown and you’ve entered the crush stage where you’re most attached to her. She is still on your mind a lot, but things are changing and you think of her in terms of where the two of you could go, as a couple.

You are becoming more comfortable with her and with the direction of the relationship. There is still fire and passion, but it is tempered by a sense of maturity, you feel that you are growing as a couple and you want to explore more of this stage. You’re still so excited to see her and spend time together and can’t think of anyone else you’d rather spend your time with.

At this stage, they may find that some changes are taking place as they are more comfortable with each other, there could be some adjustments in the dynamics of the relationship. That is totally fine and is to be expected. Enjoy where you are now and move on because you have more stages to experience.

3. The “making an impression” stage

If you successfully navigated through stages 1 and 2, you are now at the stage of making an impression where you want to show the girl everything you are capable of for her, you want to show off so she doesn’t look elsewhere. You start to think of many romantic gestures you can have with her to keep attracting her in your own way.

They start to get to know each other better, show interest in what she likes, and try to find common ground so that they can do things together. Just a quick tip, don’t say you’re a hiking expert just to impress her (you found out she likes that), always tell the truth and be open to trying new things.

This stage is perfect to bond with her and it is the perfect time to learn and experience new things together. This could also be a very exciting time.

4. The “Am I ready?” stage

After all the little romantic details, she has fallen in love with you. That’s good, you did something right. But it may seem like you need some kind of reassurance, so during this stage, you need to take some time to put things in perspective and evaluate.

You can ask questions like: Is she the one for me? I love her too? Do I see a future with her? It may seem like your feet are cold, but in reality, you are thinking ahead and that shows growth and the need to establish yourself.

It is important that you go through this stage because if you choose to continue, you will make decisions based on what you really feel and want for your future.

5. The stage of love and commitment

If you get to this stage, it means that you are convinced that this girl is right for you and that you love her too. This stage can open up a whole new world for both of you in terms of your relationship. You feel very excited and happy with how things are going.

This stage gives you a feeling of security that can only be beneficial for both of you, you will want to share more things with her, be more vulnerable and open, all that combined will cause a closeness that did not exist before.
You feel comfortable talking about commitment and love. Congratulations!

Part two for woman


The stages of dating for men and women are somewhat different, you must recognize them in order to understand them and learn to cope with them.

Trust us, they will come in handy the next time you meet someone. You will know what to expect. Good luck out there!