The 6 signs that a man passes on you (and is ignoring you)

We help you to recognize if the boy you like is not interested in you and does not want anything with you.

You’ve been dating a guy for a while but you’re still not quite sure what his intentions are. Despite what your intuition tells you, you need something to tell you what position he is in, but you don’t really know what the signs are that a man is passing on you .

It is normal that many times it is difficult for us to accept that a boy has passed from you and has lost interest, especially if we love it and unlike him, our interest is through the roof. Pay attention to these signs and if he is definitely not interested , let him go and focus on you. Because woman, you are worth a lot and you don’t need to try to get anyone’s attention.

6 signs that a man passes on you and is not interested

As much as it hurts in the heart but especially in our ego, it is better to realize the reality of the relationship and that the blow does not take us by surprise, nor do we continue to invest time and energy in something that is not going to bear fruit.

If the man you’re dating passes you by, you better know it; And if you are intuiting it, you should listen to yourself, so pay attention to these 6 signs that indicate that he has no interest in you .

1. You are the one with the initiative

When they started dating, this guy constantly wrote to you, invented new plans to see you and invited you out, but lately it is you who must take the initiative, propose that they meet and look for him. If this is so, it is a very clear indication that this boy is no longer interested and it is best that you leave him and put your effort elsewhere, because it is unlikely that he will change his mind.

2. Cancel and postpone plans together

In line with his lack of initiative, another thing that may be happening is that every time they have an appointment scheduled he cancels it or reschedules it for another time. As much as it hurts, if this is happening it means that you are no longer his priority and he is not interested in spending time together .

You may try even harder to stay with him or find a way to get his attention again, but the only thing this is going to lead you is to hurt yourself and your self-esteem. If you are no longer interested then you have to close the cycle and move on, someone else will come and in any case, you have yourself to be happy with.

3. Doesn’t pay attention to your things

Another of the signs that a man passes from you is the lack of attention in you and your things . He does not remember the stories you tell him, your anecdotes, nor does he ask how you are. What you need to ask yourself is why would you continue to give attention to someone who is not interested in seeing your light, so don’t stop there and move on.

4. Communicates little with you

The days of endless conversations on WhatsApp until midnight or waking up with a message from him waiting for you on your mobile are long gone. On the contrary, you are the one looking for him, the one who sends the messages in an attempt to keep his interest, but he reads them late and even ignores them , leaving the double blue check without responding.

Clearer sign that this may not exist and it is up to you to decide where you put and measure your value. That is, if you will be waiting for answers that will not arrive or if you make the decision to leave him there and accept that he is not the right man for you .

5. They only see each other at home

Something that happens very frequently and that, in many cases can be even worse, is that the boy is not interested in you but he is interested in sleeping with you... What happens in these cases is that now they only stay at home for that and that’s it. They have not dated again and in reality, the talk between the two is totally false, at least on his part.

You must take care of these types of toxic situations, because if it is not what you are looking for in him, you are in a vulnerable position that can hurt you, and the only one who can really take care of you and your heart is yourself.

6. Does not look for you after meeting

The last of the signs that a man passes on you is that, after having a date, he does not look for you . We are not even talking about him disappearing forever, but it is quite likely that the first times you saw each other he contacted you by messages or in some way the next day, maximum two days later.

But if this has stopped happening and time passes for this boy to look for you, surely your intuition and that distaste you are having are clearly telling you that he is no longer interesting and you have to move away . You deserve to be in the places and with the people that can see your light and how wonderful you are; with someone by your side who feels lucky for your very presence and who makes you feel great.