The 8 types of men that exist and what the attraction to each of them means

Have you appreciated that you always and at all times fall in love with the same gender of men? Have you ever wondered why you find relationships with guys that are not convenient for you? You are not the only one. Being attracted to the exact same genders of men is common and affirms a lot about your personality.

Don’t dwell on the subject anymore! In this article, we will tell you what are the eight genders of men that you can find and what it means that you are attracted to these personalities

These are the eight genders of men, check if you can identify your ex- in these categories:

1. The engaged or married

This is a classic: the man who is engaged to another girl. Either by the fact that he is married or in a formal courtship, if you attract this kind of “committed” man, it is not a good sign.

The man who has a relationship, but seeks romances with other women, believe me, he is not a good match. Even less if it is the one that comes out with the usual phrase: “My relationship is bad. We will separate from one moment to another ”.

Stop! These kinds of men promise a break while holding the 2 relationships in unison. Admitting this active implies that you feel comfortable with being “the other”, with not having a formal commitment and settling for the little that it offers you.

What does it mean to be attracted to committed men?

If you are one of the girls who is often attracted to committed men, this indicates that you are a woman with little self-esteem and respect for yourself. Letting you be in a relationship with someone who is not willing to have you as a priority is to hurt you.

Reflect on these relationships and what they mean to you. Have you ever meditated that if that man cared about you, he would have ended his relationship first to be with you? How long has he been in your relationship while promising to end it?

If you do not value yourself and let him treat you like a second course, it will be quite difficult for him to admit to valuing you as a couple.

If you value the partners you have had, you will appreciate that they all share personality traits. It is a profile of a man that attracts you and, unconsciously, you have transformed into an unconscious pattern by selecting the same gender of boy over and over again, although you know that it is not convenient for you.

Psychological studies have proven that these choices are due to traits of our personality that are attracted to this gender of boys. But stop worrying! It is not a sentence. You can learn and work your personality to find guys who do make you happy.

2. The one who is not emotionally free

This is another very common type: he is single, he wants to be with you, but he is afraid of commitment. He assures that he suffered a lot with his previous partners, that he has injuries from the past, and hence that he is not ready to accept a formal relationship.

A man “emotionally unavailable” may recognize that he likes you and is attracted to you, but although he enjoys sharing with you, he refuses to formalize any relationship. He tends to focus a lot on the former and his loving “traumas.”

What does it mean to be attracted to emotionally unfree men?

If you are attracted to guys who are not determined to be with you, probably something in your past has made you feel unworthy of deserving a full relationship, even if you want to have one.

It is likely that in your childhood or adolescence an authority figure that made you feel safe and protected was absent, or perhaps it was an excessive figure or that it continually ignored you.

It is possible that you have grown up believing – wrongly – that you do not deserve that love and protection that you did not have since you were a child, and you feel that you must settle for men who answer that lack and offer you little emotionally.

3. The one who does not want to compromise

This type goes hand in hand with the “emotionally unavailable,” although their reasons for avoiding commitment may be different. They are generally men who still behave like boys: partying, hanging out or playing games are their priorities in life.

Men in this way are used to living with their parents or looking for a girl to solve them economically. Generally, they boast saying that they have had many relationships, but they cannot find the right woman.

They often claim that they have all the time on the planet to mature into a committed relationship “someday.”

What does it mean to be attracted to men with a fear of commitment?

If you are attracted to boys (more psyche than age), it is most likely that you are a woman who needs affection, seeks support and protection from a man. You wait for a gallant to protect you, but you settle for the little attention that a boy of this class is willing to give.

Careful! Men who warn a woman in need of attention can use this to their advantage and manipulate you without giving you a real relationship. Check yourself and rate yourself. A man who truly wants a relationship with you is not going to be apologetic and is going to be stable support.

4. The one who allows himself to be “tamed”

Surely you have known men of this type: those who allow themselves to be “tamed” or dominated by women. They are the genre of manipulable boys with a weak character, who always and in all circumstances agree with you and never dare to refute your beliefs or express what bothers them.

They are people with very low self-esteem, insecurity, and very little self-confidence.

What does it mean to be attracted to this gender of men?

This type of attraction speaks of you being a female supervisor, hence you are looking for men who will give in to your desires and whims, who will fit in with your resolutions and need you in order to give them the security and maturity that they do not have.

Even if you feel good with guys this way, these kinds of relationships are not healthy or productive for you. You deserve men who contribute to your life and complement you, who are a challenge to make you thrive. Obedient boys don’t change. They will not be able to offer you only to agree to everything you affirm.

5. The bully:  only accuse and criticize

This is one of the worst genres of men: the one who criticizes, attacks, and goes to the point of bullying you. He does not miss the opportunity to blame you for everything and for nothing, he does not like what you do and criticizes even your way of walking. Continually attack your self-esteem.

It is the gender of man that makes you feel bad about yourself and very often their relationship resembles more of a father against his daughter, due to the fact that he treats you as if you were a little girl instead of respecting you as his equal.

What does it mean to be attracted to these men?

The attraction to this class of men reflects a submissive personality. Your attitude seeks to please the other, so much so that you admit abuse. You ignore your feelings and your respect for yourself.

Psychologically, this could imply that you have not known how to delimit certain sensitive limits and for this reason, you let others (in such a case, your partner) burden you and hold you responsible for their sensitive inconveniences.

The healthiest thing you can do is focus on your emotions, recognize what your responsibility is, and understand that your partner is not a burden that you should carry. Learn to set limits for your well-being and respect yourself above anyone else.

6. The one who needs to be saved

Has it happened to you that you have met a “special” boy, but who is so weak and fragile, is so hurt, that he needs all your support to heal and continue? Have you had to go from being a girlfriend to a therapist?

This gender of men is “hurt.” Women are touched by them, see that there is potential in them for a good relationship, so they embark on the adventure of becoming their healers and working to “fix” them.

What does it mean to be attracted to these kinds of men?

You are a person who has the need to continually compensate others. Surely you feel indebted for a previous mistake. You spend your time making up for that failure to try to persuade others that you are worthy and worth having a relationship with.

The best advice is to understand your worth, accept that you made a mistake, and forgive yourself for it. You should not live compensating for everything you have done, you will only end up spent energetically and emotionally.

7. The one who behaves like a parasite

This label speaks for itself. This kind of man is a variation of one who has a very youthful and uncommitted attitude, with the additive that he literally lives in charge of his partner.

This is the traditional man who approaches you to employ you, because he knows that he can get some benefit from being with you: from high income to better social status.

There is no healthy relationship with men of this gender. Even if you try to be patient and sustain it, it is inescapable that the relationship and the feelings are spent because a couple must count on the zeal of both of them.

What does it mean to be attracted to parasitic men?

To be attracted to a parasitic man, you must have problems with your self-esteem and you probably feel insecure about yourself as a woman. Projecting insecurity is an infallible magnet for this gender of men who try to take advantage of you.

The best advice is to work on your self-esteem. If you value yourself, your self-love will alert you when you find these men taken advantage of. I assure you that the more confidence you project, the less you will attract these kinds of men.

8. The narcissist

The narcissistic type, from the outset, is the man of dreams: he has beauty, intelligence, charm, charisma, he is triumphant, desirable, desired, attractive … He is a wandless sorcerer who attracts many without inconvenience.

But when you do connect with him, he is self-centered, inconsiderate, demanding. He thinks he is better than the rest and criticizes everyone around him, including you.

What does it mean to be attracted to narcissistic men?

Most likely, you are also a narcissist and have not felt it. Self-centered people are attracted to each other, they also tend to crash and hurt themselves a lot because they fight too much.

To avoid this genre of guys you must do your best. Meditate on how you feel about yourself: after so much self-admiration and self-congratulation, there can be a lot of rejection. With a strong will you can get rid of that unhealthy narcissism that only causes you to establish toxic relationships.

PLUS: The good man

Believe it or not, good men do exist. With a convenient attitude, you will be able to locate those men who from the moment they meet you know that you are the woman they want by their side, with whom they want to start a family to continue building life projects together.

Good men are not necessarily perfect, but despite their defects, they are capable of valuing women and are ready to create stable relationships to grow as a couple. They are those who take time to get to know you, include you in their life and offer you support.

If you have achieved a man of this class, it means that you are a focused woman with sensible wisdom who has understood the relevance of self-love and individual acceptance in order to form a truly happy couple.