The best relationship of your life will be with someone who does these 13 things

1. Go out with

 someone who takes care of you.

Someone who looks you in the eye when you speak instead of looking at their phone. Someone who text you first and grab your hand on a date. Someone who remembers the little things about you because he cares.

2. Go out with

someone who does everything he can for you.

Someone who is willing to travel miles to eat at your favorite restaurant. Someone who will spend hours searching for the perfect gift for you instead of choosing the first thing they see. Someone who reschedules his whole week if it means he can see you for an hour more.

3. Go out with

someone who is committed to you.

Someone who deletes their Tinder account after your first appointment. Someone who removes exes from their contact list because they don’t need them anymore. Someone who talks to you all the time at work and with friends, so no one can assume that he is single.

4. Go out with

someone who encourages you to accept who you really are.

Someone who never says you would be better with a different haircut or 5 pounds lighter. Someone who tells you to wear what you are most comfortable wearing. Someone who loves you as you are and who never pushes you to change.

5. Go out with

someone who has fun when he is with you.

Someone who laughs at your jokes, even when they are completely stupid. Someone chatting with you, even when you shouldn’t have anything to say. Someone who can make you smile, even when you are about to burst into tears.

6. Go out with

someone who takes care of you.

Someone who will warm you up with soup when you get a cold. Someone who will clean up your mess when you get drunk. Someone who will make sure you get home safely before you can fall asleep.

7. Go out with

someone who manages conflicts with maturity.

Someone who lets you know when you piss him off instead of keeping it all to himself. Someone who treats you with respect, even when it’s hard not to yell at you. Someone who is willing to compromise when you cannot agree.

8. Go out with

someone who is proud to be seen with you.

Someone who introduces you to his parents, cousins ​​and grandparents. Someone who keeps a picture of you on their phone screen. Someone who puts a hand on your waist every time you leave the house, so the whole world knows you are together.

9. Go out with

someone who is constantly striving.

Someone who schedules meetings from time to time so you don’t have to lift a finger. Someone who can cook and help with cleaning. Someone will treat you to not be the only one enjoying your sex life.

10. Go out with

someone who knows how to be vulnerable in front of you.

Someone who is not afraid of his own feelings. Someone who doesn’t mind letting you see him cry. Someone who never keeps close to you, because he trusts you, because he feels safe with you.

11. Go out with

someone who compliments you.

Someone who makes you feel sexy, even when you’re wearing jeans and a hoodie. Someone looking at you like you’re the most beautiful girl in the whole room. Someone who can’t help but touch you.

12. Go out with

someone with whom the future excites you.

Someone you can’t wait to live with. Someone you can’t wait to marry. Someone you hope to spend your whole life with.

13. Go out with

someone who loves you.

Someone who cares about you as much as you do about him. Someone who doesn’t want to live without you. Someone who considers you as his forever.