The method to follow to leave an abusive relationship

How to leave an abusive relationship? What is the best method to finally get out of an abusive relationship? How to face an aggressor?

Ending an abusive relationship can be very difficult. It should be noted that many victims of abuse do not all understand that they have been abused or that they have at some point been manipulated by the other. Why don’t the vast majority of victims leave? Knowing how to talk about the violence we suffer is important for getting out of it, but it’s not as simple as you might think since each relationship is different.

“Give, but don’t let anyone use you.” Trust, but don’t be naive. Love, but don’t let anyone abuse your heart. “

It is even more difficult to get out of it when the abused person has been isolated from family and friends. Whether it is because of emotional or physical abuse, or because of financial control or serious threats … When you experience this kind of difficult situation, you could feel confused, weak, torn apart, uncertain and frightened.

From the moment you realize that you have been abused or that you are finally ready to leave this toxic relationship , you will have to act quickly. To avoid possible violent behavior that could endanger your life, the best decision you can make right now is to take action.

Above all, do not be afraid to ask for help, even if for some people this may seem impossible to do, at least pay your attention to all the sources you have to be safe and end this abusive relationship.

An effective method to follow to leave an abusive relationship.

If you are a victim of psychological or physical violence, never forget that you are not the cause of the problem, you do not deserve what is happening to you, surround yourself with people who want to help you, you deserve a safe life and happy.

First, whether or not you are ready to leave your attacker, there are a few safety measures you can take into account to better protect yourself. First, learn to spot the red flags of the violent person, such as anger and the desire to be violent towards you. This clue will confirm that it is time to prepare a plan to quickly get out of this bad relationship.

Identify the safe places in the house. You should know where to go if your attacker intends to attack you. In fact, act as if you are a prisoner seeking to escape from prison. Prepare the escape route, get help to make this plan possible, study the tools that can help you escape, etc.

The abuser acts like a manipulator. You are in the psychological grip  of this person and their one and only goal is to keep you in their daily life even if they are aware of the harm they are doing to you. To be successful, you must be a strong person and not be trapped by his manipulation techniques.

Establish a short word or phrase for family, friends, co-workers, a stranger in a public place that you are in danger of calling the police. This method works particularly well if your goal is to leave an abusive relationship without letting your abuser know.

To leave an abusive relationship, you must be prepared at all times to escape. Your plan really needs to be well organized. The best way to know if your plan will work is to test and visualize it without your attacker.