The strange things we do when we are in a relationship

You’ve been in a relationship for a few months and you find yourself adopting strange behaviors: sometimes childish, they always confuse you a little after the fact.<>

Love makes you stupid!

This widespread saying “ love makes you stupid ” is true, you can confirm it now!

Indeed when we are in love we tend to be stupid, to exclaim us, to laugh at us for a yes or a no. The love state amplifies this tendency to regress because the love state immerses us in a state of fusion-passion with the other. A state that singularly resembles the state of fetuses that we all experienced when we were in our mother’s womb, warm, safe, and surrounded by love.

Being particularly good, all the more if we believe we have found a soul mate, who understands us and will always be there for us. Just like our mother was when we started out in life. This amorous situation that we live in therefore strongly refers us to this previous state – a kind of lost paradise – and it is this resonance that amplifies the amorous state. We have the impression of finding this original paradise. So we feel so good, in such emotional security that we think that everything is allowed. The other loves us as we are, unconditionally and we take the opportunity to cross the barriers of social restraint by being fully self, with all our childish and infantile dimension.


How are these strange things manifested?

They manifest themselves in behaviors that seem bizarre or even stupid to outsiders. In fact, we are like children. We are constantly amazed by the other and by everything that happens around us. We are in a state of innocence.

We are called by lots of incongruous little nicknames: “chick”, “pig”, “chicken”, “doe”, “flea” etc.
Animal names are very popular. Maybe because our animal part wakes up. It is also likely that these little names seem more tender, more familiar, easier to tame than the names of people who are too “adult”, too “serious”.

The spirit of seriousness is banished when one is in love.

We hug, we kiss everywhere, non-stop. In intimacy but not only: the street, the shops, the friends, the family have the chance to see this honeyed and stupid spectacle. Modesty no longer embarrasses; there is no shame in over-asserting happiness. We imagine and we are convinced that people are delighted to participate in this happiness spread out in the public square. The crowd never tires of admiring us. We are a model of love that makes you dream.
In short, an emerging couple who are totally self-absorbed and megalomaniac.

We talk nonsense all the time. Our critical sense is paralyzed, in any case, in the company of the beloved. From morning to evening, our mutual stupidities make us laugh.

We over-communicate: by text, by email, by phone. As soon as we feel like it, we transmit everything that can go through the head to the chosen one. Whether it is a fiery declaration of love, a joke, or a frivolous question, everything is important and must be said immediately. Passion disobeys patience.