There is no love without loyalty

There is no love without loyalty. For sure. But what is loyalty? According to dictionaries, it is the ability to keep one’s commitments. To be honest. To be true to what he says, etc. Loyalty, ultimately, is part of respect.

Loyalty undermined by our virtual worlds

In other words, when you are loyal, you do not ignore the messages sent by your other half. We also do not hide our screen and the words we are writing so that our partner cannot read them.

No contact is registered under a false name. We do not regularly delete messages and emails received. We don’t receive calls in the middle of the night. We don’t lie about the identity of those who contact us. No excuses are made to explain the messages that keep coming up.

In short, when we love, we are loyal. Loyalty within a couple presupposes honesty and above all, transparency.

When you love someone and are loyal to them, you forget until the existence of dating sites and the Tinder application. You don’t just sign up “out of curiosity”. No. It does not work like that. We don’t argue with strangers to reassure themselves about their power of seduction. No more than to boost his self-confidence.

Loyalty: every day and forever

We don’t pick up on other people. We don’t approach strangers in bars. We do not distribute kisses to anyone and everyone. You can’t sleep without warning. We are not chatting by saying that it is harmless and that it will never go beyond the context of a screen.

Because when you love someone, you get involved with them. Even if it is implicit, we swear loyalty. We don’t act like we’re still single. We do not lie about his love situation and we do not give false hope to those who cross our path.

We do not pretend to be available when we are not at all!

We cut short any situation of cruising. You don’t give out your Facebook or phone number to someone who is visibly attracted to us.

When you love someone, you don’t lose your footing. We don’t make mistakes every Saturday evening. You don’t drink to the point of kissing someone and you don’t remember. We do not say that we have lost ground. We don’t let a few beers become an excuse for infidelity.

Because when we love our partner, even alcohol cannot transform us into someone else. You don’t become someone else overnight and after a few drops of spirits.

When you love someone, you don’t spend your days writing to your exes (just in case). We don’t call all the attractive girls around him either. We do not keep “ emergency plans ”. We do not lead people by boat, nor those who share our life, nor the others. You do not make someone believe that he has his chances when he has none.

To love is to respect the other

When you love someone, you don’t dance with others in a nightclub. You don’t stick your body to that of other women, whether your other half is there or not. We don’t do anything that can make our partner uncomfortable.

We don’t take others by the hand. We don’t kiss them. We do not send questionable and libidinous messages. Because these things should only be reserved for the one who shares our life. That’s what love is, true. 

When we love someone and our relationship is healthy, we don’t try to make them jealous. Especially not voluntarily. You don’t flirt with others before your eyes. We don’t make fun of the person we love. We do not look at all the women who pass openly and even if it does happen, we understand the reactions of his partner when faced with such behavior.

When you love someone, you don’t make them feel useless. We don’t give him the impression of not being enough. We don’t give him the impression of not being good enough either. When you love someone, you don’t make them wonder what you do with them. We do not push him to consider himself lucky to have been able to keep you for so long.

Love… It’s so precious

When you love someone, you don’t go to Tinder after the slightest argument. You don’t sleep with the first comer to signify your anger. You don’t ruin a serious relationship for a one-night stand. You do not betray the trust of the person you love on a blood test or a whim.

Because when you love someone, you are and they remain loyal to them. And to be faithful is to be loyal, whether physically or mentally. There is no risk of losing the one you love for a night. You don’t waste the love of a lifetime to satisfy your libido!

Above all, when you love someone, you do everything you can to never make them suffer and certainly not voluntarily!

When you love someone, you don’t take them for granted. We treat him with love and kindness. We take care of him and pamper him. Above all, we treat him with all due respect. Infidelity is not even an option. This idea should not even cross our minds.

Because when you love someone, you are devoted to them. We take into account his needs, his desires, but also his shortcomings and weaknesses. Whatever it costs us, we don’t harm it. We cherish it.