Top 20 compliments to give a man


Men are like women and love to receive compliments, especially if they come from their girlfriends or their wives.

The compliments that are often appreciated the most are the real ones. So when you give your man a compliment it is important not to lie to him, just because you think he will be happy to hear a compliment. It can have the opposite effect.

For example a man may feel upset if you compliment him that you like his muscles just because you know he doesn’t feel masculine. So when you give a compliment, always say something true, something your boyfriend can be proud of.


When I say the best compliments, I mean the ones I find the most romantic, the most charming. Of course, you have to choose the compliments that apply to your man, and not just send everyone on the list.

  1. You are someone who knows how to listen well.
  2. You know how to deal with women.
  3. You have a smile that makes me crack.
  4. I love your humor, I have so much fun with you.
  5. You didn’t lie to me when you said you were going to weight training!
  6. You are the man all women want to have.
  7. You always make me smile.
  8. I love your blue eyes, I love your eyes.
  9. You’re the best handyman I know, so convenient to have you as a husband.
  10. I really like the way you think.
  11. Your beard is really attractive today.
  12. You make me so dream.
  13. I am the happiest woman in the world to have you by my side.
  14. You’re the best cook I know. This is really super good.
  15. You are a wonderful father and I am really happy to have my daughter with you.
  16. You know what always makes me happy. I am never disappointed.
  17. I love your gift , you know what I like.
  18. I do not know how you do, but you always manage to make me smile.
  19. I love to snuggle in your arms at night.
  20. You’re the man I know who the best kisser.


Not all times are good for giving a compliment. The compliments that are appreciated the best by men are those that are given right after a specific time.

For example, the best time to tell a man that he makes you dream is right after a romantic gesture on his part, like a romantic dinner.

The best compliments are also those that are said face to face. You can of course give a compliment by text or over the phone, but it won’t be as effective as hugging your man and telling him how gorgeous he is.