Top 6 hints to get the attention of the guy you like

Big picture: You like him, but you don’t seem to notice. What’s more, you have no idea how to get noticed. There are really very distracted guys, so don’t get frustrated.

It has happened to all of us that we fall madly in love with a boy who does not seem to notice our existence.

What’s more, this platonic dimension is what makes us often idealize the other person even more and end up convinced that it is the love of our life. But of course, we will never know if we do not find a way to get closer and coexist a little, right?

It is not easy for a girl to make a distracted man see that she is crazy about him. And in fact, it’s not the best idea either. It’s not so much about showing him that you like him, but about starting to get his attention subtly and little by little.

Therefore, we are going to share with you 6 very effective hints so that the boy of your dreams turns to look at you and begins to wonder why the hell he hadn’t noticed you before “that way.”

1. Find out what his schedules and routines are so that you can “accidentally” run into him.

Yeah yeah, we know this sounds slightly maniacal. But what are we going to do to him? We are in love and this has also proven to be a perfectly viable and legitimate strategy when done right.

So get to work! and let’s make things happen “by accident” on purpose.

Coincidentally, you know that it is his custom to go down once or twice a week for a cup of coffee to the cafeteria below the office where they both work. It may be a good opportunity for you to come down for a coffee too. (wink, wink)

2. My crush’s friends are my friends

Maybe your thing is not exactly to make a star appearance directly in the life of the boy you like. But you can always gradually get closer using their social circle to your advantage.

Clearly, making great friends with someone just to flirt with a third party is dishonest. In fact, I knew a person who established a courtship with someone just to be close to their friend. But this is not the case.

You just have to openly and naturally approach the people around you and take advantage of the fact that there is not so much nervousness to make new friends. Friends who, who knows, may end up bringing you closer to the subject in question.

What’s more, with a bit of luck, you will be able to become intimate with one of his friends and get them to introduce you to all the laws. Besides, of course, find out some additional and useful things.

What do you like, what hobbies do you have, if you already have a girlfriend, etc. Finally, get a valuable recommendation for yourself if by chance the boy in question is actively looking for a partner.

3. Indirect messages on social networks

First thing is to make sure we don’t go too far and make a hint end up becoming obvious, since here what we use to our advantage is the mystery factor.

Some phrases from poems and songs go very well in this regard. But choose your words carefully. They have to be things that sow doubt but do not give any clear answer.

So you will leave him trying to solve the riddle for a long time. And nothing is more effective in getting a guy to like you than to keep him thinking of you.

4. Share this article on social networks, hoping that he sees it and realizes that it refers to you

Almost everything we share on Facebook we do with the intention of being seen by someone else. Along the same lines as the previous point, you can share, in addition to songs, fragments, and mysterious states, articles that for one reason or another bring it closer to you.

Like… “did you know short girls are better at kissing?” (Only if you are a short girl, of course, if you measure 1.80 it may be a bad strategy)

Or, if you are a teacher, “Why should you ask a teacher to go out at least once in your life?” or “How do you know if someone likes you? look at what he posts on Facebook ”… etc.

As an additional tip: Make sure your wall is interesting and fun so that you spend time on it and receive your updates frequently.

5. Do not try to flirt openly. Better ignore him a bit

With some men, the best strategy is frank and direct dating. But others will flee. So if your guy is shy, you can go for the opposite strategy which is not to approach at all with romantic intentions.

Sometimes this strategy makes you get the other person’s attention because you become inaccessible. And people want what we think we can’t have.

6. Bump into him at all times, but don’t say anything. Wait for him to take the initiative  

Sometimes the cause of us being passive-aggressive is a lack of self-confidence or a high level of consciousness.

Either way, it’s something we can use to our advantage because romantic movies have already alerted guys to what actually happens when a girl seems aggressive.

Deep down, that makes them think of us in a strange way, but with possibilities. The only bad thing is that this method leaves them in control of the situation. So be careful!

Lastly, remember that if nothing seems to be working, you can always resort to the classic strategy of telling him upfront, or at least asking him out. Better to know in advance what we are facing, than to sigh and waste time with an impossible.