How to know you’re in love: 7 evidence-based indicators

Love is not as simple as it seems, if you ask one of your friends her way of finding out if she is in love or not, it will surely be a lot of fun to listen to her, however, her methods are unlikely to help you.

I don’t mean that your friend doesn’t know about love. However, each one of us is different and we conceive love in a different way. That is why being boxed in specific traits would be of little use.

If you want to know if you are in love or not in the right place, I will give you guidelines that will help you discover if you are only “hooked” with him or if it is true love, each of these guidelines is customizable.

That is, you will discover if in your own way you are complying with any or all of them.

1. You are addicted to him

Love definitely changes us, it may be that you are a completely independent woman, even if you have shown it in your past relationships, however, this time something different happens.

If every morning the first thing you do is check your cell phone and not just to see the time but hoping there is a message from him with good morning, you discover yourself every moment looking at his profile picture or you fall asleep thinking about him, it is definitely it’s a sign It’s already loving!

2. You celebrate their triumphs

I know you may be thinking that this sign is not so clear because you celebrate and it really makes you happy when a family member or friend has a success.

However, the difference lies in this point: when you are in love, not only do you celebrate their achievements but actually knowing them happy makes your day, even if you fail yourself, you don’t care too much and you allow yourself to be invaded by their happiness.

3. You miss him too much

Missing a person is completely normal, we can miss our pet or a friend when we spend a long time without seeing him and this would not indicate that we are in love with them.

Quite the opposite happens when we have been with that person for less than an hour and suddenly you feel the inexplicable need to want to hear his voice, write to him or see him again, if this happens to you, congratulations!

It is a clear sign that this goes beyond a simple whim.

4.  You feel jealous, but you don’t suspect

Jealousy is to a certain extent healthy for a relationship since it keeps you on the lookout for possible threats, we are talking about jealousy that is under control and that does not corrupt you inside.

There are different types of jealousy, the jealousy that has a reason to exist. That is when your partner has given you reasons to distrust him and unfounded jealousy that alludes to this feeling of discomfort but without having reasons to feel or suspect your partner.

If your boy has behaved up to you, he has never given you a reason to distrust him and you still experience this feeling even though you actually know that he is not capable of hurting You are in love!

5. You imagine a future together

This is one of the great differences between being in love and simple passing love.

If you have discovered yourself thinking about what their future home will be like, how many children they will have, and even how you will get rid of your mother-in-law, without a doubt you want something more with him than the typical courtship that only hopes to have fun and enjoy every moment.

If despite these ideas circulating in your mind you do not want to run out of that relationship, it is a great sign of the great love you are living.

6. You are not afraid that the world finds out about him

If you have always been a girl a bit reserved with your personal affairs and you only share what you consider necessary and suddenly you want to introduce your new boy to the whole of society.

You take it to your parents’ house, you make an effort to fit in with your friends and above all, because they treat you well and make you feel comfortable, you are in love.

We have all ever criticized excessive displays of love, being romantic is fine but everything has a limit. We all know that friend who is crazy about her boyfriend and does not mind making a fool of herself in front of everyone in order to show her love.

In summary

If you really want to know if you are in love with him, take a few minutes with yourself and analyze the previous points, if you are in love you will know, just pay attention to your feelings and attitudes.