Wait for someone who makes you feel like you are experiencing something magical

I was told that I was too difficult, too demanding. That my expectations were too high and that if I did not lower them, I would be alone. But I liked before. And when you’ve already loved, you learn that being with someone, that being with the right person is an experience from another world. This person gives us the impression of having our heads in the clouds. The right person is an enchantment. And it gives us the impression of living something magical.

Someone once said to me: “you must stop looking for unicorns, they don’t exist”. But maybe it is. There is nothing wrong with believing it. Perhaps the person who succeeds in showing us that life is in no way anything is a unicorn.

There are those who give new meaning to our life. They make us realize that love can be much more than we thought and that at every moment and in each of its dimensions, it must be an exceptional experience. And you should never settle for anything else.

The one who will make you realize that love is magic is the one who will welcome your vulnerabilities with open arms. He will not disparage you or repel you because of the impulses of your heart. It will slowly prevent you from finding reasons to stay on the defensive. It will help you make your fragility a strength.

He will show you that love is only kindness and understanding. It will allow you to reveal a form of empathy that you never thought you could show, in which you simply never believed. You are already complete by being alone, but with him, by coexisting with him, you will learn to be complete in a whole new way. We, humans, are complex creatures and sometimes even our loved ones feel like we are aliens.

Those who add magic to love also understand our complexity. And their own complexity complements ours. In an almost mystical way, our hearts mix and free us from our anxieties and our solitary worries.

This caress of magical love is one that instantly ignites our bodies and our hearts. No matter how much time you have already spent together. His caresses are like silver leaves that slide on your naked skin. The tips of his fingers seem to electrify your veins.

The rub of his cold nose on your neck almost looks like a burn and his kisses make you smile. Everything is just passion and brimming with life, so much so that you feel like you are holding the world in your hands. Each caress is penetrating and fills you with new wonder.

Your bodies are so much more than skin and bones; just hold your hand, push a lock of your hair or caress your chin. When it holds you, your life takes on its full meaning. Rather than being one of the billions on this earth, you two become everything, the world, the people, the universe.

When someone gives us the impression of living something magical, your eyes and theirs are enough to give you the impression of floating in a heavenly paradise. Your mornings come down to that feeling of fullness that you experience when you watch him sleep.

The nights are peaceful when you look into your eyes and see beyond, into the soul of the other. There is nothing that could make you want to believe in magic more than looking him in the eye and seeing him do the same. He looks at you as if you were the only one present in the room, on earth.

And for him, that’s what you are. Your eyes are really a gateway that connects you to each other, so intense that nothing could alter your staring towards each other or make the stars that shine there pass out. Whether alone at home or lost in a crowd, you always manage to capture this look. This person who gives you the impression of living something magical looks at you with so much kindness and love that it is enough to propel you to the moon.

You deserve someone who is your equal in every way and who is a companion, the one who brings freshness and love in all things. A lover who proves to you that magic exists is your everything, it is your own satellite, continuously and tirelessly in orbit around you. It proves to you that when you think love has reached its peak, there is still more. Love has no limits.

May your beautiful spirit and your burning heart be patient. Don’t settle for the minimum. Magic awaits you. She is there, outside, she will find you and you will come to know a love that never fades.