What a man thinks when he is blocked

What does a man think when he is blocked? Usually, women block men, not because they don’t want any more contact with them.

But to get their attention, to have fun, or to make them chase after them, or to try to put themselves as superiors and the guys have to apologize…

Do you know what happens?

The opposite… Most guys either block you back and then take the opportunity to scratch and send a message to the 725 contacts while you are off surveillance…

So what does a man think when he’s blocked?

That you’re completely in love…and that you’re already going to unblock him and apologize, then it’s his chance to throw all the blame on you, even if he’s wrong.

Who do you think you are for blocking him… Now he’s going to take revenge on you, adding girls on social media

Blocking only works if it’s meant to be finite!

Either you are blocking him because you are definitely determined not to contact him anymore, or else, my friend, don’t even do it!

The man feels it, he always knows when a woman likes him, even if you don’t show it, or try not to show it…

You know the only way a man can be sure you don’t like him anymore? When he sees you happy and with another!

Otherwise, in his head, you’ll always be in love with him until you prove otherwise.

So the tips on the blog are so that you don’t leave him 100% sure of your feelings…

Even if he knows you like him, deep down he’ll have a little doubt, and that’s what makes the relationship have those butterflies in your stomach…

And then when you do any kind of funny thing, like crying, screaming, kicking, having fits of jealousy, BLOCKING,

It just reinforces how crazy and desperate you are to hold him.

But that’s what’s wrong with women, wanting to hold the man by the bridle and the way she decides he has to be. ..

That’s why when you block hoping he’s afraid of losing you, it usually backfires.

You only make him afraid of losing her, when that fear is non-existent in you!

Think, what’s my point in blocking him? If you want to move forward, beautiful, send a block…

But if he’s going to wait anxiously, let him despair, my dear, don’t even do it!

It’s better to be silent without letting him know what you’re thinking.