What does a man think when a woman stops looking for him? – Attitudes that alienate men

Is it necessary for a woman to seek out the man to gain his interest?

When two glances meet, for that spark to exist, both people must feel it. It is not that only one of you is 100% interested, and the other party is still doubtful about what you want and how you want it. For example, we women love to be paid attention to.

The same happens with men, although it is not very frequent. They also want to feel wanted and loved. It is a feeling that is pleasant to all people regardless of their gender. So a man can go looking for a woman, try to get her attention, and win her over, but if she doesn’t show enough interest, the man’s attempts will falter.

It is a feeling that must be mutual, and not necessarily instantly. But men are very clear when they can continue and when they should give up their attempts to conquer a woman because women are very expressive. And you can see with the naked eye when we are interested and when we are not.

So yes, like any other human being, men also need to show interest so that they can continue with a relationship or flirting. Would you play a game where you already know you are going to lose? Of course not. And that’s what goes through the minds of guys when they come across women with whom they obviously have nothing to gain.

But be careful of being the one who falls into that cycle, because it is not about giving interest to a man who has nothing of interest in you. You always want everything to be mutual in relationships, and just as men know when to give up, you must also learn to do so and take care of your dignity at all times.

Women’s attitudes that alienate men

Women are not perfect at all. Nobody is perfect in this world, and accepting that is the first step to improving. Just as all the mistakes of men and their grotesque attitudes are pointed out daily, it is only fair to take time to point out the attitudes in which women fail. The attitudes of women that alienate men are: 

  • Being cocky:  That attitude that some women take when a man asks them out is something they notice at first and immediately scare them away. They prefer a woman with whom they can have fun, have a friendly and cheerful chat.
  • Be demanding:  Another of the bad attitudes of women when being with a man is that they demand too much. And most of the time they demand material things or too many feelings which are not yet relevant. For example, they have just met and already intend to take things to another level. Knowing how to relax and let go is the best way to get along with a man.
  • Boring:  They completely distance themselves from a woman who does not know how to have fun, because the truth is, who would want to be with someone who does not smile at any time, or who does not like to dance or have fun?

What do men think of independent women?

This point is a bit more complicated since it has nothing to do with the bad attitudes of women, but about their own personalities. Men are a bit complicated, and they will always seek to impress women at all costs: with money, with a good physique, or with a lot of intelligence.

However, when they come across an independent woman. That she earns good money, she is a very attractive woman, she has her own things, she does not depend on anyone to buy what she wants, she has fun and has no problem going out alone; they feel very intimidated because they don’t know how to approach it. Although this is an inconvenience that they will have to solve themselves.