What does it mean when my partner asks me to give us space and time? What should I do when it does?

When a partner decides to ask you for time, an alarm goes off in your brain telling you that the relationship will end. Whatever the reason, when someone asks for time it is because something is happening in the relationship or inside . It may not be something wrong with the relationship, or something wrong with us, but either way it is an indication that the relationship may end, but why is this happening?

What is giving yourself a space as a couple? Advantages and disadvantages of giving yourself time

When a partner asks you for a break, it is because they want the relationship to go into a kind of pause. It is not a definitive goodbye, but it is a time in which both will be single and with the opportunity to experience new things with new people. Almost always, asking for time seems like a good thing only to the person asking for it, and the other party is left to suffer the consequences.

However, if your partner says I need my personal space, it’s probably a sign that the relationship has reached a plateau. And as much as you don’t want it, it’s best to separate. Giving yourself some time can be a very drastic way to know if you really are soul mates .

  • You can give yourself some time alone to assess if your relationship was really heading somewhere.
  • Both parties can experience new things to contribute later to the relationship.
  • The horizons of both are widened.

However, to say that all couples who spend time come back would be to lie blatantly . Because the sad reality is that one of the two parties decides that he loves his singleness more. And therefore, the relationship ends permanently.

  • One of the two can fall in love with someone else.
  • They realize that they were not really soul mates.
  • They are better apart.
  • They are better friends and get along better apart .

Why did my partner tell me: I need time and space for myself? Reasons to ask for space and time away

Many people believe that taking time is ending , and in a nutshell it is. However, there are extraordinary cases where couples try to go their separate ways and realize that they cannot live without each other and come back wiser. But for this, it will be necessary to love the couple very much.

Commonly, the reasons for requesting time are more trivial than that. And they are based on the selfish desire to want to open our horizons without having to worry about a partner. And the main reasons why this happens is:

  • We have been in the same relationship since very young.
  • We have not had romantic experiences with other people.
  • We have not given ourselves the necessary time to be alone.
  • We feel that our partner has no space in our future.
  • Goals have changed and we feel like we don’t have time for a relationship right now.
  • We will travel to another country and due to the desire to experiment we do not want to have a partner.
  • We feel that we are too attached to our partner and we need an escape.

Asking for time is summed up in getting back the freedom that we haven’t had for a long time. And with her now, being able to do all the things we’ve never done for the simple reason of having a partner. And in this time apart, anything can happen. So the best way to manage time in a relationship is to hope for the best while preparing for the worst.

How to act when your partner asks you for time?

This is not a time to get dramatic . You can cry and ask why, but never get desperate and start praying that they don’t break up. It may hurt, but more than that you must keep your dignity intact.

Therefore, the best way to act if your partner asks you to take a break, is to establish the  rules of time in a relationship. Which is generally, not keeping too much contact. Respect space as a couple, and practically act like singles for once. Learn to be alone, even if there is the slightest chance that the relationship will be born again.