What happens when you no longer believe in love? And why do some people think that love does not exist?

When you stop watering a plant, it withers, the same thing happens with love, because not believing in love is drying up. Stop running away from the most beautiful things in life, it is true that love is painful, but giving up can never be an option for you. Warriors don’t run away from their battles and you can’t run away from this one.

The reasons for not believing in love are always based on bad experiences, we judge from pain. But stop to think about the following: When it rains, can you see the color of the sky? The same applies in the fields of feeling.

People who do not believe in love are those who look at the sky in full storm and only see storm and turbulence. We all run from things like that. Let’s go together to see the sun friends. And remember that you should always help your loved ones in times of pain or love breakups.

What is philophobia and how to know if you have it?

Shall we go with the traditional philophobia test? Or do we address it immediately? Of course immediately, but for this, you must be clear about what love is, because in short, philophobia is that unfounded fear of being in love.

If you feel like you have it, let’s take a moment to see it from another horizon, because maybe how to stop believing in love is what you’re looking for. And you don’t want to admit it. Well, you remember those unfulfilled promises, from whom you believed your unconditional love, remember that it can be conditioned and that is the root of the matter.

How not to believe in love if you have a wound, it is normal, but from that to say that you have a phobia, there is a long way to go, remember that these are psychological treatments and we should not take them lightly.

What happens when you no longer believe in love and what are these people called?

It is false that love does not exist, but what does exist are the wounds that do not let us move forward. If you believe in love, and we can get you to close those hard stages of your life, we all go through the same thing. But it is never as dark as to when the sun is about to rise. And the light always comes to you.

Seeing someone suffer and saying that everything is because I don’t believe in love, it will be something that we live at a certain point in existence, and we must be ready to reach out a hand, they are usually called philophobic by mistake, but in truth, it is only that they are immensely broken, and how beautiful it is to help rebuild them.

How to believe in love again or help another person who does not believe in love?

Do not forget that everything has its opposite side, and in this case, limerence will be our other side of the coin. You will also meet people who have already overcome their fear of falling in love. And now they are desperately looking for a person who loves them because they need to fill a void that was there for a long time growing and growing.

I do not believe in love, it is no longer the problem, now it is that they believe in it a lot and desperately seek it because they did not completely close their last stage, the figure of the last couple is still present.

Perhaps the same one that has led to a phobia of love. And it is essential that you close those cycles. Dare and write a farewell letter for that love that did not value you.

That you write it, does not force you to deliver it, it is only to drain emotions, and let go to truly believe in a beautiful love again. Do not become a person who does not believe in anything, we all need to believe in something.

Be it the universe, the earth, or the winged god of cakes, how can you not fall in love with how beautiful you are? Let yourself help. Never close the doors. Look at the possibilities, and if you have someone in this predicament, you can pass them these lines. That will help and you will appreciate it.