What is a healthy romantic relationship? The 5 characteristics

In the beginning, everything is beautiful and perfect, we understand each other and we love each other as if it were the first time. But past the butterflies in the belly and the passionate phase, we have to face the facts: the differences create discordances. Welcome to the couple’s opposition phase. This is where we end up entering a relationship made of pretenses, chimeras, and lies … The couple ends up looking like a masquerade of which we are the puppet! However, it is possible to have a healthy romantic relationship if you respect the 5 basic principles.

1. Communication for a healthy romantic relationship

The majority of people cannot communicate. We think that talking is enough to make a relationship work: it’s wrong! Communicating well in a couple means taking the time to understand the logic of the other. You have to be able to be empathetic by putting yourself in your partner’s sneakers in order to understand his reality. Everything that cannot be said will be known sooner or later, so it is better to communicate on all subjects. You may disagree, be angry, and not understand what your partner is saying, but you need to be open to listening and understanding. This is the one and only way to make your union last.

We often say that we should not say everything in the couple: I think it’s wrong! We can say everything, but there is the way to say it. If you accumulate frustrations and disagreements, you will look outside for the person who will accept you as you are. By dint of misunderstandings, we become hard of hearing! We enter the disease (badly said) and we plunge into an endless chasm.

2. Accept each other’s differences

You don’t pair up with your double or twin: you have to accept the differences. At the beginning of a relationship, one has the impression of being on the same wavelength and of having the same centers of interest, but it is misleading, it is the love passion that induces idealization the other. Reality quickly takes over and we realize that the resemblances of the past are transformed and become the differences of today.

It doesn’t matter if you have differences, as this will create wealth in your relationship. Do not sit on your positions thinking that you have a lot of science. Get to know your differences and you will be surprised to find that this will open up new paths of knowledge. You will learn to open up to New Worlds and find yourself loving what you did not know. Open yourself to differences to enrich yourself and become a person filled with new data. If you close, you will force your partner to share with others and lose the wealth present in your relationship.

3. Leave the other person free to have a healthy romantic relationship

At first, we tend to merge because the other represents our world. We want to live everything and share everything together because it seems to nourish us from the inside. But this fusion has a more or less long lifespan according to the couples, one speaks about the course of 6 months or still, one says that love lasts 3 years … But all obviously depends on the couples.

It is vital to give the other person their freedom! Otherwise, love will melt like snow in the sun. If you prevent your partner from going out or doing what they want, you will sign the couple’s death warrant! There is good in freedom because it will allow you to tell your new adventures. Feeling free makes you want to stay and share. Being locked up will extinguish all desire and spontaneity. Like a child: if you say no to chocolate, the child will have only one goal: to eat chocolate!

4. Accept those close to your partner

If you want to build over the long term and have a healthy romantic relationship, you will have to accept those close to your partner. Why? Because they were there before your arrival. The world of your lover has been built with them and it is important to accept them as best as possible. You may have no affinity: it does not matter! What matters is not to close the door and let them live their relationships without getting in the way.

During the first meeting with the in-laws (and others), be polite and kind. You are not asked to become a best friend with your sweetheart’s sister or super friend with dad. Just respect your partner’s family.

5. Having projects for two

When you are in a relationship you get caught up in everyday life and you enter into a monotony. At first, you don’t realize it because habits comfort and give the illusion of stability.

But a couple who has no plans is a couple who will die in the long term: why? Because novelty will never be present. So, innovate, propose, and imagine a world made up of projects for two for a healthy romantic relationship. Once again, I point out that the projects have nothing to do with money! It is not necessary to go around the world at 30,000 euros to get out of everyday life. Take the time to talk about it and imagine what you can do together.

A healthy romantic relationship is two people who manage to communicate, to love each other, and to build 365 days a year. To achieve this, it is important to take the time to take stock regularly in order to improve. Happiness requires regular questioning to move forward together on the path of love.