How do I know if he’s in love with me? 11 unmistakable signs!

It is normal to ask the question and especially to want an answer. He has everything to please you and, just by thinking of him, you have that smirk, eyes that sparkle, and the desire to be with him. No doubt, you are in love but what about him? How to know? All men obviously have different behaviors, but there are however common points, gestures, words, attentions that are very often found in men in love and who want to get involved. How do I know if he’s in love with me? 11 unmistakable signs.

How do I know if he’s in love with me? 11 unmistakable signs

1- He is available

When you call him, he picks up or calls back quickly, and your messages never go unanswered for a long time? Better still: he is the initiator of the messages, calls, news he takes, the meetings he offers? No doubt, he feels good with you and he wants you to know! If he’s responding quickly, engaging in conversation, or hearing directly from you, he’s probably missing you already. He brings the relationship to life even when you are not together and makes sure that you think of him. He does not leave you without news, he invests himself, is available, your relationship is fluid.

2- He is tactile

A hand passed behind your back without him even realizing it, a caress in the hair, the hand on the nape of the neck, a kiss on the temple, dust that it removes, take your hand, kiss you, snuggle against each other. So many small gestures and attentions which are marks of tenderness. If your partner is tactile and attentive, this shows that he likes to feel close to you. And if he likes you to do the same, it’s proof that he lets you enter his privacy. Without necessarily being too demonstrative in public, he multiplies these small tender gestures towards you.

3- He wants to spend time with two

Can’t wait to see you again? If the man you are dating wants to multiply the moments for two, it is for a good reason, he cares about you and he wants to spend as much time as possible with you. And we’re not just talking about cuddly moments under the duvet, even if it’s important. But the rest is just as much and proves his investment in your relationship. Whether it is going to the cinema or to the restaurant, discovering a new activity together, or simply watching the Sunday evening movieyour simple presence is important to him and he shows it to you.

4- He admits his feelings

The most obvious way to know if a man is in love is obviously the declaration of loveIt is not always easy for men to express their feelings. Many women just blame this, so if your sweetheart is expressing what he feels, you have to see it as a big step forward and as proof that he really cares about you.

But admitting your feelings should not be done under the duress of an ultimatum. The consequences can be serious quite simply because you risk to block your man or to obtain a declaration which will be far from being sincere.

5- He is interested in you

If he keeps talking about him and won’t let you put one, it’s dead. On the other hand, if he listens to you, asks you questions and gives you advice, bounces on each of your sentences, seizes the poles that you hold out to him, and digs the confidences that you give him, it is because he interested in you. And that you can count on him. This is proof that he wants to know you by heart, but also to put you ahead.

6- He brings you into his life

” What do you think about it? “  If your partner asking you this is a good sign. Whether to make important decisions or to have your opinion on a garment he wears, the fact that he is waiting for your validation shows that your point of view matters to him.

This shows that he trusts you, that he is ready to lower his shield and let you into his privacy. It opens wide the door of his life, his intimacy, his dreams, his fears. He talks to you about his family, evokes his memories. It’s past which could help you better know and understand it. The fact that he confides in his life is a sign that he is himself with you, that he is not hiding. And so he has real feelings for you.

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7- He gets involved in the relationship by taking initiatives

Is your partner a fan of fine compliments? It’s good. But since actions are better than words, his behavior counts above all. In love, it is well known, the fault of men is not to get involved enough. A man who offers, who takes action, is a man invested in the relationship and who really interests you.

He wants to please you, he wants to differentiate himself from the others and make you find him unique. This is why, he puts all his energy into developing your couple, to give it a new dimension.

You ask yourself: how do you know if he’s in love with me? Well, tell yourself he wouldn’t do that if the feelings didn’t guide him. When you don’t like a person you don’t get involved in the relationship, on the contrary, you tend to put distance.

8- It mixes the famous three levels of social relationships

The three-level rule: when a man is in love, he wants to spend time with the person (level 1), discover his friends and family (level 2), and introduce his loved ones (level 3) . Three spheres of intimacy that allow you to get to know each other better and share what makes your life.

If you haven’t seen his family yet, nothing dramatic. If, however, after a few months, you still have not met his friends, there is an eel under the rocks. Does he present you as a friend? Does it make you feel comfortable, take care of yourself?

If he integrates you at all levels, it is because he is comfortable, in love, and committed. If a man loves spending time with you but does not want to meet your loved ones or present your loved ones after months and months together, he is not in love with you.

9- He loves you naturally

If he refuses to come near you when you are sick, he wants to change your look or asks you to lose a few pounds or make up your face with nothing immediately, then it is because he does not like you. Worse is that he wants to control you. But if he laughs at your not funny jokes, finds your cute faults, tells you that you are beautiful even when you are not wearing make-up and that you wear jogging, it is because he loves you for what you are. It does not devalue you, teases you nicely, and encourages you to stay yourself. He will not try to change you in spite of you and if you liked him, it is for who you really are, without frills, without artifices, without filters.

10- He wishes your happiness

How do I know if he’s in love with me? Well, a man who loves you wants your happiness. Even if some things annoy him (like your busy work but you love it, your outings with your single friends, your very present mom), if he knows that this is what makes you happy, he will not make you a crisis. And if, for his part, he also makes compromises to do something that you wanted to do, it’s a good point! If he asks you questions to find out how you work in order to please yourself, it is a sign that he is in love. He wouldn’t try to find out more about you if he didn’t try to build a serious relationship.

11- How do I know if he’s in love with me? 

Short, medium then long term. Slowly but surely. “Do you think we’re going on a weekend next month?” On vacation this summer? “  If the plans with you is that it is seen to continue this story. He is in love if he plans things.  When a man is in love, he envisions a common future. Be careful, this does not mean that he wants to marry you or start a family now, but that he wants to settle permanently in the relationship. He will make it understood indirectly, through allusions, reflections. A simple example, it uses “we” and “on” instead of “I”very often. Starting to do projects together is a clear sign of the bond that unites a couple. Does your partner talk about the future together? It is indeed a sign that he wants to invest with you.