What it feels like to love someone you can’t have

This morning, like so many others, I woke up to the gentle whisper of your soul.

I think “Woe, I’m still in love with her”, I am still strongly attached despite the many efforts I make every day to detach myself, let go and love without waiting.

As soon as it crosses my mind, it’s over. As soon as I see her, I fall in love again, she fascinates me.

It haunts my thoughts, desires, and dreams, I can’t help it, and yet very often I have tried to dismiss these feelings and rationalize this behavior as lust or infatuation.

I cultivate love, and every day our lesson is to recognize it by giving it to the divine for transmutation and expression. In this case, I can’t reach out to her and just say, “I love you, I’m in love with you. ”

What to do with this very real and nagging feeling that so often occupies my mind, body, heart, and soul?

We yearn for it, reminding ourselves that we must love ourselves first and foremost because needing someone in this way reminds us how much we need ourselves too; this self-esteem cannot come from others for our own satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Sometimes we just need to be there, to save space, not to understand it, or to try to study things too closely. Sometimes our hearts just want us to stay put and be there if someone needs us. Even though we are thousands of miles apart, we can be there for the person, in the spirit.

We only have to think about them for a few moments, to realize how lucky we are to know them and our lives are intertwined.

It is a blessing to know someone so deep.

What should we do when someone else’s heart drifts elsewhere?

We honor her space and respect her commitments while remaining faithful to our own.

Sometimes the cultivation of love helps to deal with long distances and periods of time.

We can just smile sweetly at that person who is so dear to our hearts and whisper how happy we are for them in the wind.

I will even whisper, “I love you. “

Because I care about her for reasons that cannot be explained. Because I just love him and that too cannot be explained.

It is the guiding force of all that exists, so why not let love guide us to where we are meant to be?

Does this mean that a magical ending will take place and that the person will one day be in our arms?

No. It means that we have had the opportunity to love someone who stirs our soul so much that we tremble. It means that we have found meaning in loving someone else while learning to accept ourselves as well. This person brings out our vulnerable nature and sees who we really are.

Every day I open my heart to him because that’s where my compass needle points, and when it hurts, I know the only real service I can offer him is when I’m as complete as possible; when I lead my own life in all its glory imperfectly.

There is pain within each of us that the other person can feel, and on some level, we are there to help each other heal these wounds and ensure our presence.

Today I just realize that no matter what, life is happening here and now around us – our life is right in front of us. I can imagine a life with her, but we also have to base ourselves here on our current reality. We cannot hesitate to start on our own journey which we have been on for so long now.

If two paths are meant to cross, they will.

What keeps coming to my mind is to just love her, to accept where she is in her life and that everything is already perfect.

For this, I am eternally grateful.