Love will find you when it’s the right time

Wait until you meet someone who will be able to understand your anxieties and help you overcome them.

Wait until you meet the one who will only look at you when you speak, who will only see you when you enter a room.

Wait for this person who will be able to reassure you and make you feel safe. The partner whose presence will bring you immediate comfort and who will put you at ease.

Wait for the one who will help you see why your old stories didn’t work out, and who will show you why things happen for a reason.

Wait for the one who will make you laugh when you feel like crying, who will not leave when you are angry.

Wait for the partner who will not tell you how he feels, but will show it to you, the one who will not let you guess.

Wait until you meet the partner where the connection will be made naturally, the one who will meet your expectations and standards.

Someone who won’t pressure you into being someone you don’t want to be. Wait for the one who will love you in your entirety, with your qualities and your faults.

Wait for the partner who will show you how amazing love is, who will love you so much that he or she will give you the world if they can.

Wait for the one who realizes that relationships are difficult and messy, but still wants to do it with you.

Wait for that person who will understand that you are a blessing and who will never want to disrespect the universe by leaving you.