What to do when a man walks away from your life? 14 tips

Relationships are complex and sometimes we don’t really know how to act. When there is a break, there is a tide of emotions that make us lose direction and meaning, but the first thing to understand is that all is not lost.

Sometimes everything gets complicated, especially when his attitude is distant and cold, he begins to move away from your life and it seems that an imminent breakup is approaching. When this happens … what to do? We give you 14 tips for when a man walks away from life.

14 tips to act when a man leaves your life

When we love someone, the breakup or their distance affects us a lot. This is normal and there is a process before we get over the fact and move on with our love life, however, if we do not act sensibly everything can get complicated for both of us.

In these situations, we must focus on ourselves, breathe, take a step back and admit that the relationship has ended so as not to fall into actions such as insisting, blackmailing, pressuring, or any negative reaction that the only thing that causes is to hurt us.

That is why we give you 14 tips to do when a man leaves your life and we want to regain the climate of trust that existed previously.

1. Don’t torment yourself with assumptions

Faced with uncertainty, the mind begins to make assumptions that only hurt us. We begin to interpret his attitude: if he no longer writes to you if he no longer calls you if he does not answer you; We immediately look for an explanation that is usually stormy and that grows in our heads. And the first thing we must do is not assume or make interpretations.

It is better to be direct and take the initiative to ask what is happening. Yes, the answer can be painful, but working your emotions from certainty is usually more bearable, so you have to be brave and face it. But if he refuses to show his face, stop insisting and, above all, stop assuming.

2. Don’t insist

If you have looked to him for an explanation and he does not respond, do not insist. It only takes one time to look for it, after that it is best not to talk to it or try to see it. If he is willing to come forward and provide some explanations, he will do so without you looking too hard. If they don’t and you keep insisting, you will end up hurt more and the situation will get very tense.

You have to have the strength to stop. For your own dignity and mental health, do not insist again and again on seeing him, on talking to him, much less on asking him not to go away and come back. This is an act of self-love but also of respect for the decisions of the other.

3. Don’t have destructive attitudes towards him

If a man walks away from your life, don’t seek revenge. One of the reactions that this situation can provoke in you is anger. And right now anger is a very bad advisor. So take distance, get away from that feeling, look for an emotional tool that allows you to direct your sadness to the other side, but if you are angry you may be thinking of hurting him and in these types of games no one wins.

These days, it can be difficult for a person who wants to get away to get it at all. Social Networks make this more complicated. So having access to their profiles can tempt you to expose them, blackmail them, or have other aggressive attitudes that do you no good and that will complicate everything to undesirable points.

4. Zero blame

If he walked away from you, it’s not your fault. It’s that simple, but sometimes it is difficult to live it with that simplicity. Faced with the inexplicable remoteness of someone (or even if we have an explanation) our reaction is usually to attribute the responsibility to ourselves: “I did not give him what he needed”, “I was not tender enough, detailed, safe …”, and so on without stopping.

This is undoubtedly a mistake. Although it is always good to review what is our responsibility to help us improve, we should not see it as our fault and feel that we are not enough. The mistake is his for not facing the situation and not speaking clearly. There’s no more.

5. Remove the blindfold

It is common that we idealize our partner, and we have to overcome that. Especially during the infatuation stage or if it is our first significant relationship, we lose reality a bit and exalt qualities and blur our eyes in the face of defects. The same thing happens with the relationship itself, we thought that everything was perfect and maybe it was not.

So it is important that when a man leaves your life you have the ability to reflect deeply and be more objective. He was not that perfect, he was not that great, he was not the best man in the world and the relationship had some problems, there were complex situations, and you have to learn to look at that too.

6. Take care of yourself

Although depression can make you careless, don’t allow it. The best thing you can do for yourself when a man walks away from your life is to take better care of yourself in every way. Take care of your physique, take care of what you eat, exercise, make yourself pretty, and also take care of your spirit and your intellect, surround yourself with positive aspects and people, avoid self-destructive attitudes.

This should be done for you, to lift your spirits, to recover yourself, and never as a form of revenge or spite. It is about starting the path to recognize and strengthen yourself, so it should be something you do for your benefit.

7. Recover what was lost

Many relationships are toxic and we do not realize it. Little by little and without clearly noticing it, we are moving away from friends, family, and activities that we liked to focus completely on our partner. These types of attitudes, far from being romantic, are toxic and should be avoided.

But sometimes we don’t realize that we are in a suffocating relationship until we get out of it. So take advantage of the fact that he left your life to recover everything you lost along the way. You will be surprised by how good you are going to feel.

8. Do not start another relationship

They say that one nail removes another nail, but the truth is that this is a serious mistake. The moment that you live after a man has walked away from your life is a process that you must let take its path. You are emotionally vulnerable and anyone else who comes to give you a little affection and comfort can confuse you and lead you to start a relationship.

This is somewhat deceptive because, in the midst of your sadness, a new person approaches you and makes you feel loved and the feelings that you lost with the distance of the other person arise in you. But you must not move on, you must heal your heart before starting a new relationship, otherwise, both parties will be very hurt.

9. Be yourself

To have healthy relationships, it is essential to be ourselves. Sometimes they advise us to maintain a beautiful image of ourselves to “conquer” a man, but this is not very effective, because over time the true personalities come to the fore and the relationship becomes untenable.

The same happens during the break. We must live the grieving process that comes after a breakup or the distance from the person we love, without pretending, without pretending to be or do things that we do not feel. Although we have to make ourselves tools that help us overcome everything in the best way, it is not about lying about something that we are not or feel.

10. Self-knowledge process

Complicated situations are an opportunity for self-knowledge. It is true that you don’t really know someone until you see them face some difficulty. And this includes ourselves. That is why a breakup puts us in front of ourselves as few situations do.

Take advantage of this to your advantage. Start a process that helps you strengthen your self-esteem, that gives you tools to manage emotions. It is time to focus on yourself to know and recognize yourself, Stop focusing on the problem and focus your attention on yourself in front of the problem.

11. Resilience

This process of self-knowledge is the foundation of resilience. Having the ability to adapt to a new situation and even to make the best of yourself, to move forward with an improved version of yourself, and to leave the past behind without resentment, you will have become a resilient person who can face what comes on.

When a man walks away from your life, the least he wants is to see a codependent woman who cannot manage her life on her own. But beyond what he wants from you, here is what you must look for yourself: to magnify yourself in the face of adversity to be victorious and stronger than before.

12. Close cycles

The goal is to close cycles. If we hope that he will return and continue the relationship, we become paralyzed and cannot move forward. That is why it is important to learn to close cycles. Although we do not know what comes next and if he will return and we will admit it, the previous cycle must be closed to start a new stage.

You shouldn’t just sit around and wait for him to come back one day. Although at this time that is your greatest wish, you must begin your own process to close that stage and be ready for what life has in store for you.

13. Believe again

Don’t let mistrust take over your heart. It is said a lot that all men are equal, but going through life with this thought will prevent you from objectively seeing the infinite possibilities of relating to other people. What someone else did to you should not be borne by the men who will come.

In order to start healthy relationships in the future, it is essential that our attitude is open, hopeful, and purposeful. This is complex, once someone we love and have trusted lets us down, it is difficult to trust again. But it is the best recipe to leave everything behind and have a new beginning.

14. Be open to the future

The best thing you can do for yourself when a man walks away from your life is to look to the future. Although there is a grieving process that causes us to be emotionally tied to the past, asking ourselves questions about what happened and how beautiful everything was, the next attitude should be to stop looking back to begin to glimpse the future.

You do not know if that man who left you will return, and you do not know if you will be willing to receive him, because if you have cultivated your security and self-esteem, it will be easier to establish a limit and not allow him to return to harm you. But it is a fact that the future holds things for you, and you must have an open mind and heart to receive it in the best way.