What to do when he changes out of nowhere?

What to do when he changes out of nowhere, suddenly becomes cold and withdraws, and usually, nothing has happened to imply this attitude. Then you keep thinking that he might be thinking about breaking up, or that he found someone else, or else that he doesn’t love you anymore, that you’re being boring, full of flaws, that you’re not good company, that you’re no good, therefore it has no value, and if you have no value, then he doesn’t want to be with you…

And then what happens? You pick up the cell phone with a desperate attitude, because the evil of your thoughts has already made you go crazy and put yourself down there, and of course, obviously, after that, you only go downhill, you will only feel ashamed and get worse, because, isn’t it humiliating to call and ask a man what’s going on? Or if you did something that hurt him…

Now let’s get down to business, what to do? how to act?

Men also have bad days, that’s normal in anyone’s life, and it’s not because he pulled away a little that means everything you thought was right. Or at other times he may be thinking about a financial strategy, since, for men, this is the most important part of life, that is, if a man is having financial problems, forget about it, he will not be contacting you as usual.

The most sensible thing to do at these times is to respect him and leave him at his moment. Maybe you can ask him if he needs anything, but just to be polite and then leave him alone.

And did you know that this is even good? Because it makes him see that you are a mature woman, and he starts to see you even with different eyes, because when the man is a little distant, he starts to remember you fondly, and very possibly, when this bad time passes, he will come back to you even more affectionate and valuing you more than before.

Stop being silly and thinking about nonsense and enjoy that he is quiet, go watch your favorite series, and have ice cream with a friend, because, after all, each one has their own problems… That is being yourself and not canceling yourself out when you understand that he is he and you are you! Now you already know right? Calm your thoughts, there’s no problem!