He treats me like a girlfriend but in secret!

Well, the first thing you have to look at is what the guy promises. If he says it’s still early, he only looks for you a couple of times a month, it’s a clear and obvious sign that he just wants to pass time… or if he has already introduced you to friends and family, you go out together, travel together… So it’s just a matter of verbalizing that you’re dating because his attitudes already demonstrate that!

That’s why I always say that you have to see attitudes, not words. There are a lot of men who don’t even care about these things of “making the relationship official”, because for them this is silly, and then women, as they are “kinda” paranoid and dramatizing, they start demanding, then he disappears, because either he doesn’t understand anything, or he thinks you’re not into him anymore, and then it starts to fall apart…

Of course, you can’t stay quiet either, if the guy doesn’t take a stand if you’ve been going out for months, and he still says it’s “early”…that’s all an excuse!

If he comes back and leaves you lost, but he has already said that he “wants” to date, or he said that you are dating, but he acts like an imbecile, then it is clear and notorious, once again that he is only seeing you as a pass time while seeing “others”.

That’s why it’s so important not to generalize, every relationship is different and must be “heard” with your own heart. Well, if he wants to be alone with you, and demonstrates by A+B that he’s available and willing for whatever comes. Then he wants you for real.

But if the case is of disappearing and reappearing, then he deserves morals thinking that your heart is on a platter so he can do what he wants, and in the end, you pay the price, so, put your heart as something more valuable and only accept what makes you feel better.

That’s valuing yourself!