What to do when my girlfriend cries?

If you find yourself in front of your crying girlfriend, there are a few tips to make her feel better, by trying to comfort her you can strengthen the bond that unites you. You can also console her by SMS.

Try to understand what puts her in this state

First, find out why she is crying. It’s the best way to find the words to comfort her. If there has been a death in her family, do not try to make her laugh or distract her, she will take it badly and think that you do not care. If she has quarreled with someone you can opt for a lighter approach. Do not tell her that it does not matter, she might be even angrier.


She is not well, she surely has lots of things on her heart that must come out. You have to take the time to listen to him, sometimes, just put words into his problems. Having a person listening in front of you is sometimes enough to comfort you. On the contrary, if she needs to be alone, it is better to erase you, she will come back to you when she wants to speak.

Showing empathy

To understand the problem you can try to put yourself in her place, try to imagine what she feels, it will help you know what she expects from you. In addition, you will show her that you understand her discomfort, she will tell herself that ultimately she is not alone.

Use your own experience

If you feel that your girlfriend needs advice, do not hesitate to share your experiences with her, giving her little tips to overcome her grief that will show that you have listened to her concerns, that you have understood them and that you try to give him advice to overcome this bad twist.

Be warm

If you feel that your girlfriend needs special attention, physical contact, do not hesitate to take her in your arms, to make her talk, that she really feels in a cocoon. The simple fact of being cuddled can be enough to evacuate the bad waves.

Just be there

Nothing worse than feeling alone when things are not going well. Your presence may be enough to appease him. You can also try to change his mind by taking him for a walk, shopping, going for a drink. Anything that could do him good.

I hope that these little tips will be useful in case of hard knocks, to strengthen your relationship.