What your way of kissing says about your couple

When we are in a relationship, we always exchange lots of different kisses depending on the moment shared with our love! We discovered a very interesting article of Little things on the kiss that we share with you! The kiss is very important for the good development of the couple, like hugs for the good development of the child! Find out in this article what your way of kissing says about you!

1) The closed-mouth kiss

This kiss reveals that you are not yet very comfortable with each other and that you are still a little shy, especially if your relationship is new. If on the contrary, you have been together for a little while, this kiss reveals that there may be things that have not been said in your relationship and that you need to communicate together.

2) The kiss on one lip

This kiss shows that you feel a lot of love for the person! You take your time to gradually kiss your partner and you each focus on the happiness of the other! A kiss full of tenderness that makes you lose the notion of time in the couple!

3) The kiss on the cheek

This kiss reveals that you deeply love the person for who they are and that you respect them. It is the kiss of friendship, complicity, and affection! With this kiss, you share a romantic moment with a strong bond!

4) The tender kiss on the face

It’s the kiss of protection! By kissing your partner this way while he sleeps, this kiss reminds you that you are watching over each other! You have great confidence in your partner and it is very important for you to take care of each other.

5) The French kiss

Commonly called “French kiss”, this kiss reveals that you want to know more about each other! When you are short of words to say what you feel for each other, or they can not transcribe the best what you feel for your partner, this kiss is perfect to tell him!

6) The lip clip kiss

This kiss reveals that you feel a strong physical excitement for your partner! You take risks, you show him by pinching his lip slightly your desire to go further!

7) The gentle kiss

This kiss can be seen a bit like the foreplay of kisses! This kiss is a taste of the evening alone, and a good way to raise the temperature! These are solid and well-settled couples who can practice this sweet kiss with a certain restraint!

8) The butterfly kiss

This kiss is not made lips against lips but cheeks against cheeks! Lovers bring their faces as close as possible to each other and look into each other’s eyes! This kiss reveals that you are very in love with your partner! It is often found in new couple relationships because it reveals the excitement related to the experience of something new!

9) The spiderman kiss

This kiss reveals that your romantic relationship continues to surprise you! It’s the kiss of spontaneity and surprise! You are always excited by each other, and you are having fun playing together!

10) The wet kiss

It’s the kiss of physical excitement! This kiss reveals that you want the other one there, and right away (the roast chicken will wait a bit …)!

11) The quick kiss

This quick kiss without lip contact, is often expressed in couples who have been together for a little while! It allows you to say “hello” or “goodbye” in a sweet and cute way, like a secret agent code that only they know!

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you identified the kisses that you exchange the most in love and what it means in your relationship!