When a man is in love he greets you with these words, always

Love is something that when it happens to us changes our life. When a man is in love he changes his behavior. Now he looks happier, more optimistic and is more dedicated to trying to please the woman he loves. They even change their words.

Whenever we fall in love we think we know what love is. But failures come and you realize that love is something different. You can see love in the greeting of a man in love. It is always different, it is always every day.

In most cases our first loves are not loves but emotional desire or dependence. A man truly in love behaves differently.

1.- They are happy by themselves and this is what happens

They always tell their partner “I’m proud of you.” In other words, they always have a positive outlook on their girlfriend or wife. That perspective stems from your own self-confidence and self-love.

When a man loves himself, he takes responsibility for his own happiness. In this way he chooses with whom to share his life and chooses the positive of that person.

A man truly in love is proud of his choices because they are always from his strengths. Encourage the woman you love and work for your own achievements.

2.- When a man is in love it is a lot of fun

All a man wants with the woman he loves is to have a good romantic time and have fun. He’s always thinking or saying, this could be a fun quote.

He feels happy because he does what he loves and shares with the woman he has chosen. He doesn’t expect her to do something to be happy. It just makes everything contribute to your happiness.

3.- At any time send messages or call


The greeting of a man in love can be “I love you” or “I miss you.” Because at all times he feels grateful to you. He may be very busy at work, but he writes “I love you.”

In the morning or at night, as a greeting, I may say something like “I love you” or “I miss you.” What he is expressing is that he feels happy and is thinking about the girl he loves.

4.- He will be interested in you with complete sincerity

When a man in love greets you, he wants to know how you are. For example, he asks you “have you eaten?” Taking an interest in what happens to you is a powerful sign of love.

When a man loves a woman, he is interested in her physical and emotional well-being. You want him to be happy and he makes sure he is lacking for nothing. But even knowing that he has everything, he communicates.

5.- He encourages you to always improve yourself

When a man is in love he is really interested in your balance and emotional intelligence. He really wants you to feel satisfied with your own actions and have a lot of self-confidence.

He loves you just the way you are, but he also loves you with your dreams and desires for improvement. That is why when he greets you he always tells you that you are beautiful, which motivates you to continue to improve yourself.

6.- He likes your company, he enjoys talking with you


From the greeting of a man in love he is always encouraging you to have a good time. Dancing, listening to music, cooking, watching a movie, going for a walk, etc., everything is special for him with you.

When a man falls in love he wants to do everything with you because he enjoys it. He loves to fill himself with memories of you, think about you, and talk about things you did or said.

7.- He is always there when you need him with the right attitude

It does not mean that everything makes it perfect, simply that it is always there to support you. He doesn’t seek you out just because he wants some intimate affection, comfort, or satisfaction.

When a man is in love he looks for you because he likes to team up with you through thick and thin. Enjoy spending time with you in silence or in a very lively evening alone or with friends.

8.- He has no problem spending a weekend alone with you


For example, he proposes to you, today you don’t have to go out, you have to stay just you and me. This is a clear sign of love. He is telling you that he feels good about you, that his life is wonderful with you.

There is never a good reason to end your social life. But one weekend leaving friends to hang out with your true love if it’s a good reason. If you are his priority you are his true love.

9.- You are always in all their plans

For example, he writes or calls you to tell you, I would love for you to be here. The greeting of a man in love is not simply a greeting, it is an expression and attitude of love.

It is not simply to mark territory, but it lets you know that it is missing you. It lets you know that only with you their present and their future are their priority.

10.- He tells you that his family wants to meet you

If your family already knows you, talk about plans with them. That they want to share time with you. This means that this man is really in love. He loves you and his family likes that happiness.

When a man is in love, his family notices and appreciates him. The family always cares about the happiness of one of its members. They realize that this happiness is for the woman he loves.

So they think, it must be interesting to spend time with her. Parents are infected with the happiness of their child and want you to spend a weekend with them.